Thursday, 17 April 2008

3rd Term, SY 2007-2008

Grades are out.

De La Salle University uses the point grading system.
1.0 is a pass (70% onwards) and 4.0 is the highest (95% onwards).

Physics - 2.5
Theology - 1.0
English for Research - 2.0
Sociology - 3.0
Philosophy - 2.0
Personal Effectiveness - 2.0
Spanish One - 2.5

My grades for this term are pretty good, considering I had four of the toughest professors in La Salle just this term.

Term Analysis

What a load of rubbish. I did not learn anything, and I barely attended class. My grades are all due to the things I learned back in A-Level Science. Attendance wasn't noted by the professor. Actually, until now, I don't know her name. She gave ridiculous assignments like going to Enchanted Kingdom for a measly 5 points. OMG. 5 points.

This one sucks bad this term. I was getting 100s and 90s in my Theology quizzes and look at my final grade. I know I definitely recited the most in class too, and had really good discussions. However, Dr. Ricardo Puno proved to be a hard nut to crack, and he gives really low grades. *sigh* Take him at your own risk.

English for Research
What an epic! For those who know me and has seen me running around La Salle in formal attire, blame this subject. My partner, Ken, and I, went through hell in this one, and we were ecstatic at our reward. Miss Regina Shimamoto is arguably one of the hardest professors in La Salle, and by God, did she prove it. She nit-picks every little fault, and her meticulously detailed instructions MUST be followed to the letter. Ken and I could have given up (we were refused a mock defense a total of three times, a record) before we were finally allowed. She's a tough professor, and if you have majors to study for, I greatly encourage you not to take her.

I breezed past this one. It seems that I am really adept at social sciences (just like Anthropology last term, when I barely came to class and yet gotten high marks during exams). After acing 3 exams, I was exempted for the finals. *grins* Miss Christina Rodriguez happens to be the department head of the Social Sciences department, and she is a fair professor. She did warn me about my regular sleeping in her class, and I swear, I tried to stay awake. This is one of my best attended classes, with only 2 absences out of a possible 5. If you're not up for long monotonous lectures, don't get her, but I will stress that if you do well in her class, she offers exemptions. :)

Clearly my favorite class, Miss Laureen Velasco is also one of the toughest professors in La Salle. It's kinda hard to reason out with philosophers, and she is the kind who will give you the grade that you worked for. Obviously, a lot of people fail her class because of that principle. I did sense that her students, past and present, love her way of teaching though, and I would agree with them. Her classes are vibrant and very passionate, and you are guaranteed to learn a lot. If you keep your mind open, you might also discover things that would challenge yourself, and your beliefs. I am a certified Philosophy nut after her classes. Also the main reason why I have broken free of the 'emotional crutch' that we call 'religion'. Take Ms. Velasco only if you think you are willing to work hard and willing to keep your mind open.

Personal Effectiveness
A non-academic subject, this one should never be failed ever. It's easy as pie, and my professor, Miss Ria Tirazona, is a fun professor, and her activities are really cute (self-portraits, anyone?). LOL. it's just a once a week class, so I did not really get too fond of it, but still, if you will be taking PERSEF, try and get Ms. Ria.

Spanish One
Yo adoro Espanol que aprende! I have fallen in love once again with languages! Spanish class with Mister Marlon Sales (pronounced sah-les) turned out to be a really fun experience. He taught not only what he was supposed to, but awesome other stuff, like our Spanish super-hero where we had to describe the powers in Spanish. ROFL. He is also very patient with us Spanish n00bs, and he took time in letting us grasp phrases and sentences. I am not sure he will stay as a teacher here, as he will be moving to Italy to further his education, and he will be missed dearly. However, he is a blogger, and his blog can be found in my link list under his name. :) Or here, you lazy reader: Marlon Sales.

Someone's going to have a fun summer holidays! :)

See you sophomore year in another month!



  1. i'm curious.... wad do you learn in Personal Effectiveness?

  2. Yourself. :P Identifying weak and strong points, working on them, all that nonsense. :)

  3. ahh ok. sounds interesting. wish i had subjects like that....

  4. It's not academically important though. ;)

  5. Okay, I officially hate your Philosophy grade.
    Kidding. ;)
    Ms. Velasco is definitely one tough prof, but she is one of the best - hands down - and I love her to death.
    I guess you're one of the lucky few who passed the subject, eh?
    I really hate you now. XD
    Kidding - or am I? :))

  6. Luck had nothing to do with it. ;) I studied and worked hard, plus I received maximum points for reaction papers and class participation. :)

    She is one of the best professors that De La Salle has. :)
    What did you get for her class?

  7. Okay, my bad. Not lucky, just incredibly smart. :D

    And eww. :( As much as I enjoyed her classes, and as much as I love her, I got a 1.0. Which prevented me from getting into the Dean's List. My fault, stupid me. >_< Still love her though. :D Philosophy just doesn't love me as much as I love it, I guess.

    BUUUUT.. I made it to the DL this time. :D So, yay. :)

    Have a happy summer, Mr. Cruz! :D

  8. Darryl: Smart?? How come I missed the Dean's List again? ROFL. I wish I'd get easy professors! Ahaha..

    Have a happy summer too Ms. Zayco. :)

    Joe: Hey bro. That trip was rubbish. LOL.

  9. i haven't been back to EK for some years now even though it's practically our neighbor.

  10. Can raen crash at SmileTheJoker's place if ever I visit Laguna..? :D

  11. sure!
    I just need to be at home when you do. hehe

  12. Obviously bro. :) Ahaha..

  13. hey jay :-) glad you enjoyed our pseudo-important class ;-) I'm touched by your kind comment about me being a fun teacher. makes working so much more worthwhile.

  14. Hey Ms. Ria!
    You're welcome, and you know that our class was very fun, especially with my non-stop mouth. LOL.

    Just wondering, how did you find my blog..? :)