Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Brian Gorrell

If you are deep in the Blogosphere and really into the world of blogging, the biggest blog right now is the blog of a certain Brian Gorrell, a gay Australian who was allegedly cheated of AUD70,000 or PHP3.6 million, by his ex-lover, Filipino socialite DJ Montano.

The blog's original purpose was for Brian to exert pressure on DJ to give back his money (which he lent to DJ for the purposes of business investments, which turned out to be fraud ones). In his blog, Brian details first-hand accounts of Manila's high society, implicating the Embassy Superclub as a haven for coke addicts, socialites Celine Lopez and Tim Yap of being drug users, and tales of sex, lies, betrayals, and scandals.

I personally came across the blog through my friend Joe's blog. I've been following it daily ever since.

Brian's blog gets an average of 50,000 individual hits daily, a number that most bloggers can only fantasize about. This is partly due to the revelations he has made about Filipino high society. Unfortunately, I have noticed that many things have gone wrong.

The majority of Brian's supporters are well-meaning sympathizers, but some of those who post comments are doing no less than character assassinations. We do not know 100% if Brian's allegations are true. However, I believe everyone gives him the benefit of a doubt. A lot of people's hatred towards the high society have also surfaced, with many of Brian's supporters flaming Montano and Lopez in particular. To be fair, this gang up is quite ridiculous. I know that many Filipinos who say the things they did about those people would not dare to go up to them in person and say it straight to their face. But each to his own.

As a reader of Brian's blog, I do sympathize with him. I really do feel for his cause. After all, losing your life's savings while sick with AIDS is no laughing matter. However, I also believe that posting the secrets of the Gucci Gang (the name Brian calls Montano's group of socialites) is what it should have stayed as (thus putting the pressure on Montano to pay back), and not massive character assassinations. But that's me. I do not believe in stooping down to the level of calling my targets names, insulting their parents and family, and a host of less-than-civilized actions, of which Brian is guilty of.

Yes, he was wronged. I believe Brian Gorrell is a good person who is desperate to seek justice. However, I also believe that the freedom to post and say anything you want should be tempered with responsibility. Come on Brian! We all know you're much better than that!

Go Team Brian! :)

Brian's Blog:
The Talented Mr. Montano

I suggest reading the posts on the left side first, the ones chronicling how the events unfolded.

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  1. Yup, I definitely agree with you on some points especially the name calling but you can't blame him that much. I'm not saying its Ok. He is really angry on what happened and he is venting his frustrations through his blog. That also sparked another issue on freedom of speech on the internet.

    The thing is though, at some posts, he pulls in names that aren't in the same boat as DJ. Like what the other comments said, the innocent are sometimes getting dragged into the mess and he is getting out of focus.

  2. Thanks for the input bro. Yes, he is very angry and needs to vent. However, I also noticed that he has gone way off-topic on some of his posts. He seems to be concentrating more on character assassinations of Montano and Lopez instead of applying the right pressure to get his money back.

    I have a nasty feeling he won't ever get his money back. Poor Brian.

  3. gay love and deceit... just like any kind of love affair, may happen to anyone in a relationship, so for the people involved, they have to be responsible about their allegations. - well written post jason!


  4. Thank you Zee. :)
    It's kinda funny that there isn't much refutation to Gorrell's claims.

  5. I agree with you.
    He shouldn't have dished out all of the EXTRA dirty details of the Gucci Gang. Because there are some people he named that aren't as bad as he made them seem. I might be biased because I know one of the GGang members personally, but I think he's gone a little too far. Some of the entries are way beyond irrelevant already.

    But I do feel for him. I completely understand where all the anger is coming from, I just don't see the need for all the dirty, nasty, dishing of irrelevant laundry.

    I hope he gets his money back though. HIV meds are expensive. :( And outside of the really scary skeletons-in-the-Gucci-Gang-closet that he's been blogging about, he seems like a really sweet guy. I can tell that this DJ thing has really taken a HUGE toll on his health.

    I wish they'd just give him back his money and get it over with. :(

  6. Thanks for the input.
    He is angry, and his anger is being felt not just by GG members, but also those who seem to be related to them.

    Maybe Brian's philosophy now is 'guilty by association'?

    He does seem like a good and nice person. With his deteriorating health and all, maybe he is just lashing out at anything that moves that might possibly be related to the GG.

    Yeah, some of the posts are way beyond irrelevant. Like Celine's apparently fake bags? Now how would posting that help him get back his money right?

  7. His way of getting his money back is by posting proof and also trying to pressure the people around DJ to ask him to pay back.

    Since in a blog, most content are words. The best thing he can do is flame others (I think flaming isn't the right word here) and kill all the credibility they have.

    Do you think he'll get his money back?

  8. Calling names..
    Insulting family..
    Bro, we're both DT veterans. Those are flaming by all respects I think.

    And no, I don't think he'll ever get his money back.

  9. i do not know all the details but i have already skimmed through his blog. i'm wondering however, if he already brought his case to the court, and if so, what did the court say? what was the legal course of action? maybe if the court can bring witnesses and try them with a lie detector that can help gorell out? ...i'm just wondering...