Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sirens Dance Class

Sirens (Gayle's crew) training in UNO High School Alumni office.
There is no part in the practice I hate more than stretching. :(
Of course, pictures need to be taken. :)

The gorgeous Siren. <3

Aileen, Michie, Gayle, Charlene.

Skittle + Siren

Aileen's not feeling the love. :(

My Siren big sis, Charlene.

Gayle's Dunks and my Cortez.



  1. hey i think i have a pair of cortez as well! a blue one. which i don't wear anymore. lol. it was my school shoes for about 6 mths till i found a nicer pair. :)

  2. Yeah I know you do. You wore it during our Youth Camp dear. LOL. Remember how muddy it got during the trek? I had a deep cut in my foot that's why I didn't go. :(

  3. Eww. I look really tired in that pic. =(
    I love love love our pics with Popo. Ang kulit niya!!! Harhar
    I will miss our practice. I mean our practice with few people. I could practice my "freestyle moves" that is if I have any. ;P
    Yey Tuesday dance class (dance session?? =D) again!!
    Write a comment on my multiply pics oki??
    Thanks! Hugs! =)

  4. Nah you don't look that tired. Yeah I commented in your Multiply last night already. :)

    Dance session in Ann's studio on Tuesday. Be there at 4pm? Red will teach me some new stunts. *grins* Gotta be ready for the PUSH Battle this Saturday.

    Yeah, you have moves. *grr* You just don't want to show them.

  5. Yep I saw it last night before i logged off. Salamat! =)
    Yes I do. Look at my eyes. Ang laki ng eyebags =((
    Get ready for Ahya Redd harhar LAGOT KA!!!!
    What moves?? I only know how to dance cheerdance... *wink*

  6. Oh you know you have moves. :)
    Get ready tomorrow. We need to make tag-team moves for this weekend's battle.

    Red wants to teach me switch freeze ti handstand. :P Ahaha.. It's gonna be torture. I hope my shoulders are strong enough.

  7. hahaha omg i totally forgot abt that horrible trek. lol. it was fun lar but kinda tiring. FOR ME. :)

  8. Aww.. I'm sure it would have been better if it didn't rain right? LOL.