Friday, 4 April 2008


March ending and April starting has been a really busy time for me. There was the gig at Eclipse which took time for practices, and the Finals Week from April 7 to April 11. It's really tiring to be a University student, but it's all good. :)

For those who knew what I've been going through for English for Research (ENGLRES) class, it's turned out well after all. After being denied to present a mock defense three times (due to 'incomplete process requirements' and 'unprepared data'), my partner, Ken, and I finally managed to present it. The mock defense went fantastic, and though no guarantee of a great grade is promised, we felt good. The comments on us were awesome, like:

Well-groomed and well-styled appearance.
Conversational and spontaneous delivery.
Commendable teamwork.

The last is my favorite. If at any time, one of us even attempted to give up, we'd be screwed. So here, in this post, I'd like to thank my partner and friend, Kenneth Pera for your dedication and drive that I could barely match up with. We did it buddy.

Now for Sociology class. I have gotten quite notorious in this class for sleeping a lot, and here is a picture to prove it. Thanks to Annie Lau for this pic.

So my grades for the past three quizzes came, and to be honest, I wasn't surprised. I always slept and never bought the required textbook. I usually finished my exams early, had 2 absences, and perfect late attendance. That meant I was always late for classes.

Quiz 1: 3.5
Quiz 2: 3.0
Quiz 3: 2.5

Which brings my average to 3.0 and since that's higher than 2.7 (the required minimum to be EXEMPTED from finals), I get to add an automatic 4.0 to that, and divide it by four.

Sociology Grade: 13.0/4 = 3.25

OH BABY!! *big ass grin*

And to complete a trio of good news, April also marks my FIRST YEAR AS A BLOGGER.
Complete and total credit to my big sis and awesome friend Nicole Kuek who encouraged me to start blogging. Looking back at one year's worth of posts, I find it funny how my writing style and choice of blog-stuff evolved.

I had a short-lived but popular series called F.U.C.K.
I posted more articles before, but lately I've posted more pictures.
I got thinner. (Yay for me).
My posts are getting longer.
Tagging can be really fun.
I realized (not directly through blogs) who my real friends are.
I have kick-ass movie reviews.

So here's to Blogger, and here's to my blog, and here's to my readers, for keeping The Black Skittle in business for a year. :) Looking forward to another year of blogging!



  1. Good job!! =)
    I hope you get 4.0 for your ENGLRES... yikes I'm afraid na for my ENGLRES next term =/
    Super cute your picture hahahaha
    I LOVE IT!

  2. wow it HAS been a year since you had your blog and your style of writing really did change. it's hard to believe that this time last year you were still in miri. time flies too fast~ =)

  3. Gayle: Hey you. I don't think we can get a 4.0. The highest possible is probably 2.0 for Ken and I, IF she thinks it's good. Yeah, the pic's nice. LOL.

    Tabs: Time does fly so fast. This time last year I was worried shitless for my A-Levels. Ahaha.. I think my writing got better. Whatcha think?

  4. Astig 1 year!
    Isa pang astig, Sleeping in Class! *lol*
    Good luck sa exams nyo!

  5. Sleeping in class > Exams.
    Ahahaha.. Bro where you gonna be this summer?

  6. sadly most of the time sa office lang. I'm planning to go to Laiya or Bohol or Calatagan. You should try visiting those places too! Beach ftw!

  7. I've heard of Bohol but not the other two. Where are they at?

  8. Batangas. Right after Laguna.

    Also try Nasugbu, still in the same province.

  9. I've heard of Batangas bro.
    Where the folks have a "29". Ahaha..
    Otherwise known as a balisong if I'm not mistaken.

  10. yup thats batangas!
    it's been a while since I heard of the term 29. I wonder kung nasaan na yung sa akin... hehehe