Thursday, 10 April 2008


Went on a mini-shopping trip today.
Bought a couple of books and the shades from FlyWear that I have been eyeing (no pun intended) for a few weeks now.

James Rollins is brilliant.
Take it from me. I'm a serious reader.
Dare I say, he's better than Dan Brown. :)

The name is C. Jason C. :)



  1. OMG *faints*
    It looks good on you. Swear. =P
    Who chose the aviator??? *wink*
    yeah new books!!! weee!! ako rin!! =)
    After reading The Worst Noel, The Fifth Mountain naman!!! =D

  2. damnnnn.... love the shades. want the shades. give it!

  3. Gayle: Yeah yeah.. Yabang mo ah.. :) Thanks for choosing the shades for me. Yup, we both have new stuff from book shopping. You and Paolo Coelho books. :P

    Tabs: I just knew you will comment on the shades. Nice pair eh? Nope, these are mine! *evil laugh*

  4. how did you know?! ok fine you can predict me... now hand over them shades buddy....

  5. I love Paulo Coelho... =P
    No prob... I really like the shades on you =D

  6. Tabs: Not gonna happen missy.. LOL.

    Gayle: Tapos..? :P I really like your shades on you.. Like this afternoon. :P

  7. wala!!! I'm just saying I love Paulo Coelho (and his books) =)
    Really?? Thanks =D PrP shades are super nice :P

  8. Yeah I know. You read so many PC books. It's PaP, not PrP!! :P Ahaha.. Sorry na, my shades are not from PaP. :(

  9. ok you don't have to give me yours. just get me a new one. =D you're the best!!

  10. ROFL. Guess what? I just might. :) After all, our birthdays aren't that far apart. :P

  11. *hugs double triple hugs* =D

  12. Dan Brown isn't an especially good writer. His characters are flat and he doesn't know how to describe them unless they're looking in the mirror. And I *can* go on ranting XD He's got plot, I'll give you that.

    I'd be dubious on your assertion of James Rollins' brilliance based on your comparison to Dan Brown if I didn't know you *do* have good taste in books. (Alastair Reynolds!) Haha. So what kind of books does James Rollins write?

    Shades look nice =)

  13. It's PRP not PAP =))

  14. Amazing how a post on 2 books and a pair of shades could generate so many comments. :P

    Tabs: Sure thing. :) What are friends for?

    Nikki: Ah Dan Brown. I agree with you 200%. His characters do not have the depth to even scratch well-created characters like Jack Ryan (of Tom Clancy) and Kay Scarpetta (of Patricia Cornwell). James Rollins, on the other hand, knows how to plant a character's history and background, and he starts each book really well. Sometimes, really suspenseful, which I find really great. Plus Rollins comes up with unorthodox historical locations for his plots.

    Yes. We both love Alastair Reynolds don't we? *takes a bow* I have all the books I think. :P Brilliant space-opera genre!

    Rollins writes adventure-action. Think Indiana Jones books on steroids, with concise but superior research and occasional tech-talk. I highly recommend Rollins. :)

    Gayle: It's PAP. Why? Because the store is called People Are People. It's either PAP or PareP, which looks lame. :P

  15. ngek...
    people here call it PrP...
    so I guess ganun =D

  16. It's time to embrace change! ROFL.
    I refuse to call a perfectly nice store a grammatically-wanting acronym! :P Ahaha..

  17. I'll check him out the next time I'm in a bookstore then =)

  18. guess I should be asking you for good books to read =)

    I'm not really a bookworm but I have this urge to read a book for the past couple of months now.. dunno why @_@

    and cool shades!

  19. Nikki: You do that. :) Oh by the way, books back in MPH and Miri are way cheaper than books here. James Rollins cost like RM35 here, and some Clancy's are RM40. *grr*

    Joe: You do that pre. :) I used to have this personal library back in Malaysia of over 700 books. Quite a few are in Nicole's house now. :)

  20. Ouch. Books here in the UK are more expensive too. But second-hand bookshops are great =)

    Word: lhvorny.

  21. *sigh* Too bad for us collectors and hard-core readers. I miss the 'expensive' books at Belle's Bookshop which cost like RM29 to RM 32. Ahaha.. Back then, I had to save up for a week to get a new Tom Clancy. LOL.

    The new Tom Clancy here is freaking expensive. RM60. ZOMG. I wanna cry.

  22. Ouch! That's crazy. Yea it sucks that books are soo expensive. But my speed of reading has decreased exponentially (whoo maths term hahaha) so I don't need new books that often anymore.


  23. That's so sad jie. :(
    I remember the good old days when we would borrow each other's books so often. :(