Sunday, 27 April 2008

Last Jaipur of Summer

Last Jaipur dance session with my Skittlez for the summer. :(
Decky is in the USA. Ann will be going to Taiwan. Nica will be going to Boracay. Brent and the LSDC guys have lots of training for Animo Squad. Our UP-Street friends have gigs and training.
And I will be going somewhere.. ;)

So before everyone leaves, we decided to have one last dance outing at our usual place.
Had fun with a few new guys, like Dean and Jeff of Funkstylers and C.L. and Lawrence of Krumpinoy.

My girls. ROFL.

Dean Sachi of Funkstylers.

Ann, Bianca, and Gayle.

Dean and bootyshake. LOL.

Looking on the cypher.

C.L. and his afro can just about kill anyone. Krump + breakdance!

How low can Dean go?

Lawrence (Krumpinoy), Jeff (Funkstylers), and Orwayne (Krumpinoy).

While Bianca is tearing up the floor..

..Brent looks like he might need CPR. ROFL.

Aww.. The breakdancer and the Krumper. :)

I'm going to miss battling with you guys. :(
No Skittlez until almost June!

Happy summer holidays, my family!



  1. ima miss jaipur! dangs. il be back. May 23.. on ur bday bro.. but il be going to jaip n May 24.. need to rest after i gt back from taiwan. hahaha..

    jaipur will surely miss skittlez crew.!


  2. That's right sis.
    Yeah, we'll celebrate my birthday battle-style. :D I hope I don't have to battle everyone. That's going to be so tiring. Ahaha..