Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Nikki is 20

My big sister and most-awesome-friend has hit the second digit in her first age number.
*feigns shock*

Exactly one year ago at Bintang Plaza's CoffeeBean. You gotta love this picture Nikki. :P

A very very happy 20th birthday to you, my jie jie. You have been an insane source of strength, confidence, knowledge, and wisdom for me. I would not be the Jason I am today without your sisterly love (and occasional rebuking). :) You keep me grounded and in line, just like how a little bro should be. LOL. Even though we are not of the same faith any longer (my side), I am glad that you have not been judgmental about that. Thanks for all the wonderful MSN chats that we always have. All the history and general discussions that we share, that keep us both sharp in our wits and in our minds. You are, by far, the smartest person I know. :) Keep it up my big sis.

raenvanzur and _Davian will always be the best sibling accounts in DT history.

*a big hug and lots of love*

~Your (somewhat negative-influence) bro.



  1. Happy Birthday, Nikki! =)

  2. Jie, now you are obliged to reply here. :P There are two people greeting you happy birthday. LOL.

  3. Hee. Thanks gayle =)

    And thanks Jay =) I feel so special now haha ^_^

  4. You're welcome big sis. :)
    That's what little brothers are for. Making life hell and hectic for their big sisters, and occasionally making them feel special. :P

  5. For some reason that's really sweet. Haha ^_^

    Word: wnjipun

  6. Awww.. :) Gosh, to think that we will only see each other again after some years.. Our holidays are not the same. *sigh* Oh well. God bless the Internet.