Friday, 18 April 2008

Sandee is 18

Happy Birthday Sandee!
Her debut was held at Coconut Palace, Manila.

With birthday girl.

My look for the night.

The place..

The party..


Happy birthday again Sandee! :)



  1. looking sharp there. even with the freeze. i like. haha. owh i love dress up parties.. wish they had more of those here... =S

  2. wow that's some party. why the extravagance?

  3. Tabs: It isn't a dress up party! ROFL. That was the dress code for the debut. Debuts are usually very formal things. :) Thanks for the compliment.

    Angel: You see, it's tradition here in the Philippines for a girl to have a debut party for her 18th birthday, to celebrate her transition from girl to woman. Most families with money (as most La Salle students' families are) celebrate insane parties for their daughters.

    The most expensive debut I have gone to was one last year. The girl's family spent about P2.4 million. That's slightly less than RM200k. Damn right? The girl and her 18 best-girls had a new gown every hour, for 4 hours. Holy crap.

  4. still you gotta dress up right.. hee =D i like the tie

  5. sigh makes me wish i was filipino. LOL.

  6. Tabs: Yeah. It's a coat and tie event. The more formal ones are usually tuxedo events. LOL. Yeah, everyone somehow loved my tie more than the entire suit. :)

    Angel: Really..? ROFL. I'm sure your dad doesn't. Knowing you, it's gonna be one heck of a fancy party. :D