Saturday, 29 March 2008

Skittlez at Eclipse

Eclipse: In Search of the Sun
A summer party by DLSU MaFia.

The dancers for this gig.
Not all have solo shots, sorry.

During the dance.

The FreeStyluhs.

Skittlez New Breed!

I have a video of the dance, but it sucks so bad I won't even post it.
Sorry readers. =/ Really really regret it. Should have gotten a proper one.



  1. tatanong ko sana kung may vid until i've read your last message. hehehe
    sayang :D
    cool pictures!

  2. Sayang talaga pare. =/
    It's like, the entire video was aimed at the right, hence all the dancers on the left can't be seen, and the last bit, the video is showing one guy for an entire minute. =(

  3. sayang our video =(

  4. I know. It was too dark also.

  5. awww. but we enjoyed. that's the good thing. and there's food. hahahaha. i love skittlez family. chyeah!


  6. i like your caaap =) hassle walang video. but i'm sure you guys did great =)

  7. Hey Patet! Nice, finally admitting the 'Marie'. =P
    Well yeah, sorry about not having a video up. =/ And my cap's only a hundred and fifty. =) Cheap eh?

  8. haynako... i just remembered the bwisit guy... we saw him kanina rar. the nerve haha

  9. Gayle: Ok lang. =) He will never dare battle me.

    Rach: Sorry, the vid's so bad my eyes bleed when I watch it.