Saturday, 1 January 2011

What's in Store?

So the first day of the year passes.

I'm very excited for this year. So many things will be coming up, like my alma mater's Centennial celebration, our anniversary, the probability of visiting my parents in the USA, and so much more. I'm also planning to post a lot more regularly (yes, I noticed that my 2010 posts have been a little bare). I was looking through old posts from 2007 to yesterday's and my, have I changed! My writing has become a lot more analytical and dare I say, more tempered. I suppose that all comes with age.

Still mildly sick from the cough and colds I picked up a few days ago. I'm not the superstitious sort, and I hope that entering a new year less-than-healthy only spells a much healthier year for me! Haha.. I'd like to think so.

PJ, thanks for the awesome T.G.I.F. date very early this morning :) Nothing beats having our first date of the year at a virtually vacant Bonifacio Global City (BGC, formerly The Fort), just walking around and talking. Our conversations are truly something I cherish, and something that helps me grow so much more as a person. I love how you're so much smarter than I am; you just don't know it! ROFL.

*happy sigh* It's a very cold night tonight; the Philippine "winter" can really bring down the reading on the thermostat on occasion. Anyway, cheers to 2010, and 2011: HERE WE GO! :)

Oh, it's 1/1/11, even if I don't write my dates as such. Just thought it was amusing :P


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