Sunday, 16 January 2011

Night of the Red Crab

Atty. Lizada, Julian's mum, came over to Manila from Davao to attend a board meeting (those two words are destined to be a regular feature in this blog, it seems) and last night, she took Julian and I out for dinner. Supposed to go to Rockwell, but there are (I think) more restaurants in Greenbelt 3, so we decided to hit that instead. Ended up having a buffet dinner at Red Crab.

Steak on Mango Salsa & Pineapple-glazed Ham

Paella Rice & Ribs with Barbecue Sauce

Crab Fat Pasta & Crab-stuffed Squid

Steamed Shrimps

Red Crabs

Grilled Shrimps

Red Crab has pretty interesting choices, and the food was very filling. However, I think they could afford to have more choices - there wasn't much fish, for instance - and the food needs to be kept warm better. Also, they have to serve their tea hot! Mine was lukewarm, so I had to change it. Service was acceptable; the waiters could have been more attentive. The only downer for the night I suppose was the terrible singer in their employ. It really did not work.

Thanks again to Atty. Lizada for the dinner. Hours of good conversation regarding politics and administrative concerns was highly enjoyable as well. See you soon!


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