Sunday, 30 January 2011

Solid Saturday

Some weekends are fun. Some are downright great. Then there was yesterday, and it was packed but very, very fun :D

The boss' chief of staff (he calls himself, humbly, as nothing more than a "special assistant") let me have Saturday off (I work half-days on Saturdays), so I took this opportunity to sleep in since sleep is something that I have been greatly lacking for the past month or so. Woke up at 1100 hrs or so, then just got ready to go to Greenbelt 3 to meet PJ. Pretty awesome date :)

Started the day off with lunch at Sentro, where we go to when we need our Filipino food fix. We ate here before, at the Global City branch, and we never seem to learn anything when it came to Sentro's huge servings. We are both on healthy lifestyles commitment, so we ordered healthier options. It's nice to have a support/partner when trying to lose pounds!

Grilled chicken barbecue.

Pot of green tea :)

Pumpkin soup.

Salad with anchovies, mozzarella cheese balls, and tofu.

Sizzling tofu.

Then we watched Love and Other Drugs which, can I just say, provided so much laughter to PJ and myself because we could totally relate with about 93% of the movie's contents. ROFL. Will definitely blog this when I have the time.

Then we walked around the malls a bit, looking at sneakers and clothes (I'm sure we were both planning to get something :P) then we decided to have a light dinner before she had to go home. Enter Krazy Garlik. It was my first time, and apparently, her brother-in-law partially owns the place. Virtually all of their menu items contain garlic in varying proportions.

Beer and candlelight.

Baba ghanoush.

Gambas al ajillo.

Then I went home, and it was off to Global City to attend my crew's third performance of 2011 so far, at the Topshelf club in High Street. Thanks to DLSU's POLISCY student organization for the invite to this gig.

Daddy gave 'em swagger.

There you go. A pretty solid Saturday :)



  1. As a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, I am embarrassed to say that I have never heard of that movie, Love & Other Drugs. The shame, but since you said it provided you with sufficient laughter ... I'll take your word for it. Better get myself ac opy of this right away.

  2. It's pretty fun to watch this in the cinema! I found it very funny since the movie was pretty much the story of my life during the first quarter of 2010, without the sales crap :P