Friday, 14 January 2011

We Aren't So Football Crazy

With the recent AFF Suzuki Cup competition highlighting our very own national football team, the Azkals, football has certainly grabbed the attention of many Filipinos. We are a very athletic people, but football - the "Beautiful Game" and the most widely played sport in the world - seems to escape our grasp. Perhaps it was because we misunderstood it so much. Complaints on "how long the game takes" or "the low scores the games have" were just some of the supposed reasons many Filipinos I've talked with give when asked why not football for us.

And perhaps, we cannot be taken seriously by the rest of the world when there are numerous Filipinos (oh, you've seen this I'm sure) use football boots (not even futsal boots!) to walk around malls and parks, and, really strangely, as driving shoes.

*nods* Those are cleats alright.. *sigh*


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