Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Homeless Man's Radio Voice

This has been creating quite a stir since this was embedded in Facebook by some friends. I'll let you be the judge, though I have to say, his voice is totally bad-ass awesome. He is a homeless man from Columbus, Ohio, USA.

What a voice!
It was nice to see that he seems to be clean from his old addictions (alcohol and drugs), and at least he is using a talent to earn his keep. I hope that he gets to use that talent in a legitimate way by being hired by a radio station (what he is hoping for, in any case) or get some voice-over gigs.

Good luck!



  1. I read this from Yahoo! News yesterday. I think there's already a show that had him signed for guesting. He definitely has that God-given voice. :D

  2. There were some YouTube comments that mentioned a basketball team (possibly the Cavaliers) that hired him :D Good on him!