Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Wake Up

When I am down and out, and I force a smile on myself, feeling sorry for myself inside, I think of the wonderful people who surround me, and the things I have accomplished in my 20 years, and I feel better already.

But not that much better.

It's just one of those days when I question myself, what's the use of having brains? What's the use of being so talented? What's the use of being able to do literally almost everything?

I see the most undeserving people get everything they want, when they should get exactly what they need.

Bitter Mode: On?

Utopia Mode: On
Everyone in my imaginary world is rewarded based on their knowledge, skills and talents, and character. Like that would ever happen. LOL.

Yeah, I feel better already.
But not that much better.

Suck it up, I tell myself. I'm tougher than this. Wipe your face, and tell yourself how far you've come, I say to the man in the mirror. He looks defeated tonight; I laugh. Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up. Reality. Ouch; it just hit.


P.S. Looking forward to our one year tomorrow, babe. That should cheer me up lots.


  1. =(( like what you always tell me...
    Life is unfair.
    dont worry. they'll get it one day. =)

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Hey babe. Thanks for encouraging me. :) Yes, life is unfair.

    (I am in lib now, using your laptop to reply to your comment) :P

  3. hahahaha yep i know =P
    you're welcome, babe. <3