Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Thanks to my Dark Throne friend, Stephen Homer, otherwise known in the game as Blueie, for giving me a wonderful present. :)

A historical fiction book. Specifically, a book about Memnon of Rhodes.
(You all should know about my fascination with ancient military history :P)

It arrived ahead of schedule! :)Thanks again, Blueie!



  1. Hi Jay

    Looks like it's a good book. And thanks Stephen for taking the time, spending money and most importantly, giving my son an important gift he's so happy about. Bless your heart...


  2. It is. :) I'm halfway through it.
    Stephen is from Shelby, NC. :)

  3. So, who is Memnon of Rhodes?


  4. He's quite a character. Very honorable. Apparently, he was the only one in the Persian side that could have actually stopped Alexander the Great (resulting in a not-so-Greek-influenced world had it happened), but unfortunately he died rather early. :(

    I must say he is one of my heroes now. :P

  5. Damn. Would have loved to borrow that book. I love historical fiction. It's like getting the facts, but with the fun of storytelling and a little poetic license.

  6. Amen to that. We really are siblings. :D

    I am currently saving up for The Afghan Campaign by Steven Pressfield (author of my favorite, Gates of Fire). It's a pretty hefty RM55.00. =/

  7. Ouch!

    I remember reading 'Gates of Fire'. Although I forgot what it's about. Is it about the Spartans?

  8. That's right. :) Specifically about the famed Battle of Thermopylae. "300" and all that jazz. :P

  9. I remember really liking that book. Didn't watch 300 though. I saw the poster and the men without armour and was like, "Ok not watching that."

    Good film that you MUST watch: Slumdog Millionaire.

  10. Historical value of 300: 1/10.
    Entertainment value: 8/10. :)

    Yeah, I've been hearing SO much about Slumdog. Will definitely get a DVD copy or watch online. :)