Sunday, 4 January 2009


Watched this a couple of weeks ago with Gayle. She has actually read all four books in the saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn), though personally, I hate the series. I just think that the books are not intellectually provocative enough, like a typical teen book (which it is).

Anyway, I did not like the movie.

It was very average, and plot progression was a little messy and unreal in some areas (when the girl lead saw the male lead, she looked like she was about to have an orgasm), and a lot of the acting was over the top. Ridiculous, really.

What I hated most from the movie was that the character of Bella Swan looks like she's at the point of sexual ecstasy every freaking time she thinks of Edward Cullen (or when she's with him). It's very annoying. However, if that was how she was in the book, then good acting I guess.

Bad special effects; Edward looks like Speedy Gonzalez when he does his "speed" thing. And vampires playing baseball in the rain? Seriously!

For the above reasons and many more unmentioned, this yet-another-teen-flick gets a low rating from me.




  1. i hate the movie.
    everyone i know who read the book/s hates the movie. =|
    the movie per se is actually ok but then again, the movie is a bit far from the book. the scenes, some lines... =(
    the director focused too much on the climax of the movie.
    hello, the movie is about edward & bella and not james & bella. grrr.

  2. Ahaha.. I wouldn't know. :P
    And yes, the movie was terrible.

  3. Lol, I have yet to read the books. Mostly due to the fact that everyone whom I respect in my writer's forum doesn't have a high opinion of it - apparently Bella is a Mary Sue and annoying XD My brother reads it though and he likes it.

    My other friend saw the movie and says Bella's Lullaby is completely wrong. Gayle, do you know Yiruma's 'River Flows In You?' He reckons that should've been the song used. Haha.

  4. I hope I am one of those bookworms that have your respect. :P No, I don't have a high opinion on all the books either.

    Bella's hormones are literally on the verge of spilling out. LOL. Teen pregnancy with a vampire, perhaps?

    I'll tell Gayle you addressed her here. :)

  5. Nikki, yeah i know the song. My blockmate/classmate also told me that the lullaby is wrong =( GRR. The movie ruined the book. =|

    Jay, you're crazy. Maybe that's Stehphenie Meyer's fantasy LOL. =D

  6. Oh, I wouldn't be surprised. ;)

  7. Teehee. Yeah, my friend let me listen to the one in the movie and it didn't sound like a love song at all! My friend was like..."It's got minor keys in it! How can that be a love song?!" Lol.

    Jay, have you read the books? Claire (you remember her? You talked to her on my blog) has such a low opinion of it, and for Christmas her mum got her the first book without knowing she didn't like it, then when she found it she was scared to give it to her! Haha. So cute! She gave it to her in the end though. Lol.

  8. I forgot to add: Everytime they make a book into a movie they almost always spoil it. Look at the travesty called the Harry Potter movies.

  9. Yeah, I remember Claire ("it's Clair, not Clare") LOL. I remember that part when she corrected me. :P Wow, to get Claire to have a low opinion on that must mean it does suck. But we both already know that. :P

    I have to agree with novel-to-movies becoming a joke. However, I can think of some exceptions (to a certain extent), like Crichton's Jurassic Park, and the LOTR trilogy.

    Haha, I think the HP movies were terrible.

  10. Nicole, yeah haha
    Anyway, I'm actually regretting now why I bought the books. =|
    I just realized that there are too many adjectives in the books, the stories/scenes/lines/quotes are so unrealistic, and the characters are absurd. =|

  11. Haha, unrealistic is okay; illogical is unforgivable. :)

    And I hate the word "irrevocably" now. LOL.

  12. Jay, please read the HP books before watching the movies =P I know you don't have a high opinion of the books, but reading the books is less of a killer of your brain cells than watching the movie XD

    Why do you hate the word "irrevocably" now?

    Gayle: Aww. It's ok. We all make mistakes with books sometimes XD What do you mean by too many adjectives in the books?

  13. Haha jie, I will try to read a HP book soon (I've actually read Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets - both gifts from my mum), but I just finished reading The Godfather, so to move from a Mafia book to a teen-wizard book might be a tad bit too hard. ROFL.

    "Irrevocably" was horrendously used by Bella Swan upon declaring her love for Eddie. I swear I almost vomited.

  14. Haha. I watched the Godfather movie the other day. It was interesting.

    Hee. I want a quote on how she used "irrevocably" XD

  15. The Godfather (book) is something you should read, jie. I guarantee you won't regret it. :) No freaky children like the Reynolds book you gave me. :P

    Okay, don't puke.

    "I am deeply and irrevocably in love with you, Edward."

    Jeez! She could just say "I love you"!!

  16. Yeah haha It just irritates me whenever people esp. girls go ga-ga over Edward without even reading a single chapter of the book. =))
    You should go to our school. Haha!
    Edward is everywhere. Seriously. =))
    Ex. "I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him."

    When she could just say," I am in love with him." or "I am madly in love with him."

    And then there's this line:
    "You are my life now."

    OMG. =|

  17. jsn: Haha, I'll put it on my list. Michelle has the book so possibly I'll borrow it from her during the summer hols. She loves 'The Godfather' too.

    *cringes at the irrevocably in love bit* Ain't she a little drama queen? Ah well, not too surprising if the other writers on my forum call her a Mary Sue =P

    Gayle: Aww lol. Honestly I think the actor for Edward looks better as Cedric Diggory. In the posters he just looks really creepy! And "you are my life now" just makes her sound really pathetic and sad LOL.

    Someone once told me: "Drop the -ly words. They're a mark of an amateur writer, it's an easy way to describe something, and you should be able to find other ways of saying it or showing instead of telling."

    Not that I've stopped using -ly words...but I try XD

  18. Ha! Knowing you, you have some fancy vocabulary up your sleeve. LOL. I suppose Meyer (Twilight author) did reach her target audience - sad, lonely, teenage girls. ROFL. I am guessing that a lot of Bella's reactions to Ed are her fantasies.

    This is easily becoming the post with most comments in my blog. :P

  19. Oh yeah, he was Cedric in Harry Potter. Is he the one who died in the labyrinth? Goblet of Fire if I'm not mistaken?

    I saw this funny video in YouTube about Twilight. =))

    Anyway, Jason keeps imitating Edward's voice & eyes and those lines. *goosebumps* GRR. So freaky. =))

    Exactly! That's what my 3rd Year/Form3 teacher also told us. Oh wait, even my elementary teacher too. =| Tsktsk.

  20. Haha.. I can't believe you said "form 3". :P We had our PMR then. Haha..

    *spooky voice*You are my life now!*/spooky voice*

    The video's hilarious! Post it in your blog. :P

  21. =D shempre. Haha

    Haynako!! =/ *goosebumps again*

    Yep I posted it already =))

    Btw, did you know that Michael Buckley was the one who sang "My Hair Looks Fierce"? =))

  22. I saw the post. :)
    No, I didn't know that.

  23. jsn: Haha, yeah, I was just wondering how many comments were on it!

    gayle: Yep, that's the one. Apparently he regrets doing 'Twilight' now though because he's being unbelievably bad and unprofessional about it, and talking bad about the movies and the books...basically trying to get them to kick him off the contract for the next films XD

    Wow, even your elementary teacher said that? My English teachers all...hmm Jay can tell you about them. You don't learn English in school, you learn it from books. Sad!