Sunday, 25 January 2009

Almost Useless?

I was thinking of what I was talking about with two friends and classmates of mine in class, Katrina and Bea, a little while ago, and I thought, heck why not.

We agreed that I will share "one useless fact" everyday (no set limit on how long this can go on, but probably until we all stop being classmates, LOL) so I might as well share it in my blog. :) This series will be labeled as "Almost Useless". Why 'almost'? Well, if it was entirely useless, you won't be able to enlighten another human being with it now, will you? :)

Here is a taste of the things to come. :)

Perfect 10 for 22
In the 1924 Olympic Games, 22 athletes received the much-coveted 'Perfect 10' in gymnastics, all at the same event! It will probably never happen again; the event was rope climbing.

Carnegie Mellon Scholarship
I was browsing around the Internet for scholarship offers (like FastWeb) when I came across the Carnegie Mellon University's Bagpipe Scholarship. I kid you not; they offer $7000 a year to a student who will major in bagpipes. ROFL. Andrew Carnegie was apparently a bagpipe enthusiast (he was Scottish).

Roman Mouthwash
Thank God for Listerine. Ancient Romans used urine to clean their mouths and maintain oral hygiene. Yeah. "Hygiene".

Will post more when I think of more stuff (or dig up more almost-useless facts).



  1. my sister knows a lot of useless stuff. i'm just not sure what site she gets them from. but everyday she's like "hey did you know that... blah blah blah..." :))

  2. Hahaha I'd like to meet your sister. Perhaps we can spar facts until we both drop dead. :P