Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Clashes Despite Ceasefire

My reaction and commentary is based on this article by Associated Press writer Matti Friedman.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) accused Palestinians of planting and detonating a bomb targeting an IDF patrol near the borders. Before that, an IDF ship has apparently shelled Palestine along the borders, killing a few farmers. Opening fires on this latest ceasefire, proving that these two forces are somewhat the hardest headed states in the world now (rivaling perhaps India and Pakistan).

Reading this article, I see the futility of peace in the Middle Eastern region. Peace cannot exist, simply because (depending on one's point of view) Israel or Palestine exists, and both have legitimate - to an extent - claim through ancestral lands and culture. The latest ceasefire was heavily in favor of Israel; the military blockade of their troops of the Palestinian borders have not been lifted yet. This lop-sided policy was probably a smart move on their part, almost guaranteeing the retaliation of Palestinian freedom fighters. The ceasefire has lasted a grand total of nine days (sooner, if one would consider the almost immediate small-arms conflict between IDF troops and pockets of resistance of Hamas).

Formally, there is a ceasefire, but that term has been rendered a joke by the actions of both Hamas and the IDF. In my opinion, the 'lasting peace' so craved by the world for this tumultuous region will only happen once one or the other completely leaves the area, and I am betting it will not be the Palestinians, should push come to shove.

Conclusion: Ceasefires are just words to these two parties.


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