Friday, 9 January 2009

Third Term, 08/09 First Impressions

This is my last term as a sophomore, and the crunch time terms are coming up. I have had the opportunity to meet all my professors and lecturers for this term in the past two days, and boy, some are downright fearsome.

American Government class is looking to be tougher than American History class last term. Same professor (Bro. G.W., FSC), but our reading materials have changed. Last term, we used a small, novel-sized textbook; this term, it's a tome entitled American Government: The Essentials. You know you're in trouble when a thick, thick tome is only labeled as "the essentials". Still, I have a good feeling about this one.

Critical Securities Studies sound more like a Red Alert: 3 mission briefing, but I have a feeling that it's going to be challenging as hell. Professor is the stellar Ms. C.M. (going to be a PhD soon, and she IS a very intelligent lady) who gave me a challenging time last year with Foreign Relations class.

American Foreign Policy (Domestic) is also looking up to be challenging, with a lawyer as a professor, Mr. S.M. (also getting a PhD soon, I believe). He's a history major, and I have a feeling I might enjoy this class better than most.

Without Dr. Dr. R (double PhD!) teaching this class, we got a 22-year old UP-Diliman scholar who also has a degree in Defense Intelligence from the Australian Military as our professor, Mr. S.R. He will be teaching us International Organizations, and I can tell from the get-go that not only is he going to be a tough one to please, he will definitely have very high standards (not to mention book reviews, and weekly news reviews).

I am at Spanish 4! Joder! LOL. We have a very cheerful professor this term, Ms. A from Vigo, Espana. Good feeling about this one.

Introduction to Art should be a very interesting subject this term, as it is my only non-major subject. That doesn't mean I should slack off though; I aim to target nothing less than a 3.0 for this one. Classmates are going to be fun too, as I discovered I have plenty of friends in this floating subject.

I hope I can manage all these this term. It's going to be challenging, but that just means I have to rise to it. :)



  1. we could have been classmates in HUMAART!!!!! lol :-p

  2. Haha yeah I know. :) I know a lot of my classmates in HUMAART though, so it's cool. :P

  3. Mann. I could so *not* do any of your subjects, except maybe HUMAART. I'd run away from all the rest.

  4. LOL! Sometimes, I do feel like I'm in the Tom Clancy novels I have been reading since I was thirteen!

    Hey, I'd take chem lab sessions (even four hours!) rather than 2 hours of 'South China Sea crisis management' simulation, or our monthly 'war games' in Critical Security Studies. When I screw up, I feel like I started WW3. :(