Thursday, 29 January 2009

Zach is 20

Happy 20th birthday to one of my best Dark Throne buddies, Zach. :)

His various DT Beta achievements include Overlord of High Offense Clan, Co-Leader of Invictus Decretum, and a member of Wolf Pack. All posts, funnily enough, I held at the same time as him. In DT Gold (final version, which we are both still playing), he is in the leadership in the n00bish alliance The Black Rose (LOL, and I'm Council; Matty, you hear me?) and Level 5. One of the best and smartest players in my books. :)

Thanks for the friendship that spanned continents, timezones, and account levels (LOL), and it was an honor being one of the co-leaders with you in two of the most unbeatable and elite alliances in the game, and being a fellow WP brother. Here's to almost three years of friendship. :)

This photo will make you famous bro. ROFL.

Have a good one, and one day, we'll camp at the same level range and rape any account that gets in our way. Just like old times. :)



  1. Happy birthday!

    PiNerd ~ War Commander in TBR

    (please follow link)

  2. Haha, thanks Jason. All the stuff we've done together has been great. Here's to another year of it! :D

  3. You're welcome bro. :)
    As long as you don't do a Cyruss and quit while you're on top, I'm sure we can make L5 Gold's HOC and ID. :)

  4. shudnt we mas zach for his bday present? lol

  5. Mass me. :)
    If you guys can beat my defense. LOL.

    I think I have the best defense in the Level 20-30 range. Haha.. Touching 11 million.