Friday, 2 January 2009

Meet the Family

Actually, just half of her family. :P It was really cool to visit Gayle's family (her mum's side, at least) and spend New Year's day eating and eating and eating. I have a feeling this is all a conspiracy to get me to lose my hard-worked mid-section! :P

Pictures taken at her maternal grandmother's home. :)

Gayle's grandma makes killer spaghetti and really wicked ube. :D

Thanks for the wonderful time, family! :)



  1. awwww <3
    told yah my lola likes you =)
    everyone does, i think =)) (even my nieces and nephews :P)
    you forgot to mention your enemy! LECHE FLAN =))

  2. Ahaha.. I love playing with the three girls! :P Our "bagal mo!" game. LOL. They are so adorable.

    Aww.. I'm glad you think everyone likes me. :P

    Yes. Leche flan is my (caloric) enemy. :( Why does it have to taste so good??