Monday, 23 June 2008

Theme Hospital

I want this game.
And I want it right now.

It's a very old PC game.
We're talking 1994/1997.
I can't find a site to download it, or it takes way too long.
The old memories of playing this on my PS1 is haunting me.

I want Theme Hospital, and I want it now.
I need it. I effing need it.

If you have an old copy of it for PC please lend it to me.
I have this immense and sudden craving to play it. :(

Jason is not happy right now.
Jason needs his Theme Hospital fix.

Jason is upset.

I downloaded it from a torrent.
After 2 hours I got it.
Guess what?
A CD-ROM is required, and I can't fix it with a patch.
Someone get me a box of tissues.




  1. i remember this game.
    dunno if I have a copy at home though...

    try torrents :)
    its only 190 something MB.

  2. I'm not too sure how to use torrents.. :(

  3. "I want this game.
    And I want it right now."

    sounds familiar =D

  4. Aww poor thing. And that's such a coincidence, coz my friend lent it to me a few weeks ago. I think he downloaded the torrent of the game, and then downloaded this program called 'Alcohol' and like...loaded it onto there. It was a really complicated process, he helped me with it =/

  5. OMG. I love this game so much. Who's your friend??

  6. a bit late but just in case you still want it. download a playstation emulator called ePSXe go for the 1.6 verison of it as it is the most stable i find :) then download some plugins for it. google ePSXe plugins and get video and sounds plugins. this is a good site for bios i find

    anyway download the bios and unpack them into the bios subfolder in the ePSXe folder. anyway configure ePSXe. then go to this site and download theme hospital

    enjoy :D

    if you have any questions let me know here and i will try and help you out with it as setting it up can be hard at first.

  7. Why, that's very generous and kind of you. :)

    I will try that when I have the time. Thanks. Please feel free to email me your contact email for corresponding.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!