Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Hosseini's Novels

Got myself a pair of books for Literature class.
I've seen the movie for the Kite Runner (I was very much moved by the way) and it's a great pleasure to own both of Khaled Hosseini's works now.

A Thousand Splendid Suns (or rather, my critique of it) will be my final grade. What a fortunate thing for me then. :D



  1. Hi Jay

    Keep the books ok?

    I might ask you to send them over to me later on.

    Let me know how they're going...

    I love you -- MUM

    PS: You know what? I got hooked reading James Patterson's and of course, John Grisham.

    I have finished "The Chamber", "The Rainmaker" and "Bleachers"

    I'll send them to you in the BOX. I'll include them ok?

  2. Grr.. I'll get you your own copies. :P You know how much I love collecting books. Ahaha..

    Thanks for the new books. I haven't been hooked by John Grisham yet. I've read The Rainmaker by the way.