Thursday, 5 June 2008

Great Debate, Bad Hair

It's been six years since I utilized my debate skills.
Skills which my classmates in Literature class do not know anything about.

The debate topic was on the Edgar Allan Poe short story, The Cask of Amontillado. Topic was "Resolved, that Montressor fulfills his stipulations for revenge".
My team had the Affirmative.

Ara was our speaker (I was the rebuttal speaker) and she was pretty smooth with her points. Then, Negative went with their rebuttal, and in all honesty, their points were very easy to defend against, especially if one really reads the story. Then, their speaker came up to speak.. And I wrote notes.. And all the debate practices of writing points that decimates the opponent's arguments came into life.

To make the story short, my team received 100% votes from the Literature students.
Which means, every single person listening voted for my group. LOL. +40 for my midterms yo! :D

On a not-so-good note, what a horrendous sight in the jeep today.
Two elderly women wearing those one-piece dresses that seem perpetually flowery climbed aboard the jeep I was riding. They had folded towels on their heads (much like a square pad which purpose I can only guess at) which I thought was really queer. As one was reaching for the bars on the ceiling of the jeep for balance, I caught a glimpse of her underarms.

Hairy as hell.

I am forever scarred by the sight of three-inch fur located at a place where no strand of keratin should have the ability to grow at such a preposterous length.

Damn it.



  1. looks like someone's back in the debate ring. haha

  2. LOL. It was a one-off thing.
    But who knows, I might try out for the varsity debate team. :P

  3. Hi Jay

    ... something both of us find abominable...

    You'll see more ... I guess!

    I love you.

    Am very proud of your class accomplishments.


  4. NO!!
    I think from now on, when I ride the jeep, either I'll sit in front with the driver, or sit at the very back so that when people pass me climbing on board, I don't have to look.



    "hairy" people loves you. They really really do! LOL

    btw Congrats!

  6. Ahaha.. I guess I just seem to be in instances when I encounter them. Makes my blog more lively anyway. :P

    Thanks bro. :)

  7. Congrats on the debate =)

    And I feel for you on the other incident hahaha. My friends and I caught an indecent glimpse of our English teacher (you know which one!) in secondary school...

    Word verification: roikxnr

  8. Thanks sis.

    I know exactly which English teacher that is. I can bet it's the one who hates my guts so much for correcting her grammar a couple of times. ROFL. There's a reason she's a 'miss' and not a 'mrs', you know.

    *knowing wink*