Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Loving Cardio

I love the varsity gym.

Snazzy, and full of really cool exercise apparatus (torture machines).
The Physical Therapists are all quite nice too.

So yesterday, I did nothing but cardio. Just 20 minutes on the stationary bike, lugging it out at Level 8 intensity. I felt like a wuss beside the guy training beside me, a guy who looked like he could be in Men's Health any time he wanted to, clocking up 7 km in just 5 minutes, at Level 32 intensity. That's like pedaling up a 45 degree-incline hill! OMG.

Today, my friend and now-turned-trainer Rafael Millan from Venezuela and football varsity, has become my unofficial trainer. He is bloody good, not to mention fighting fit (literally; he competes in Mixed-Martial Arts). I told him I needed more shoulder strength, but little to no bulk-ups, so my training began.

Shoulder presses, dumbbell fly, forward dumbbell raises, twisted forward dumbbell raises, upward rows, and elbow fly, all to target my shoulders. 10 reps for 2 sets each. 30-second rest between sets, and since I also wanted core workouts, instead of resting, I did planks and bridges. Dammit. Planks and bridges also uses the shoulder muscles. :( I survived it though, even when the second circuit was performed while sitting on a Swiss ball. :(

Then in the afternoon, another session of cardio. 20 minutes at Level 4 intensity, light and easy. This is mostly due to my playing on Brent's PSP instead of actually focusing on cranking out the mileage. :P

Cardio again tomorrow. :D I am starting to love the heartbeat-raising intensity of the stationary bike. Easy on the knees too. Legs aren't sore now, which is a good sign. :)


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