Saturday, 21 June 2008

AS Trip.. Not

Our Animo Squad team building trip to Batangas was canceled literally within a few minutes before we set off. Reason was due to the Signal 2 Typhoon Alert at Batangas.

In the interest of safety, De La Salle University officials have canceled the trip.
I was really looking forward to it. :(
Get to know my new teammates, and do fun activities together.
Instead, the team building is postponed until further notice.
Sucks real bad. :(

The wet season of the Philippines has officially begun.

Manila has a Signal 2 Alert now too.
Hopefully it doesn't flood, though I shouldn't be too affected since I live 5 floors above street level.

Oh crap.



  1. now its signal 2 here...
    my classes were canceled as well... darn...

  2. actually signal #3 already in batangas =/

  3. Joe: Yeah, it's getting worse bro.

    Gayle: I know. It hasn't stopped raining since 2am last night. It's so cold. =/

  4. rains gone... means work tom..
    another darn!

    the typhoon came a day early IMO. hahaha

  5. awwwwwww wear your krump hoodie =(
    nako allergy boy.... =|
    HUGS!!!!!!!! MWAH!!!!!!!!

  6. Joe: School's been canceled for me tomorrow bro.

    Gayle: Yeah. I got my allergy. =/ It's too cold. I'm wearing a beanie now.

  7. waaa i know, i saw it in the news yesterday and if i'm not mistaken, you don't have classes tom as well right?

    grrr... lucky students. hahaha

  8. Nope. Manila Day.
    Not lucky at all. I like Mondays and Tuesdays. :(