Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hey One Year

It's June 24, 2008.
I have been in the Philippines for exactly one year.
Save for a 5 days food trip/visit to Kuala Lumpur, I haven't been anywhere else.

In this year, so much has changed in my life. I live more or less independently, in charge of my own finances, and responsibilities. I know the feeling of having to pay bills and rent, and of going to the market for some produce, and the almighty supermarket for toiletries and house supplies. It feels good to have my own apartment, mine to lord over. *grins*

So many people to be thankful for!

I have met some wonderful and incredibly great people here in such a short space of time. Skittlez Crew, each and every one of you have challenged me to be a better person in the space of 12 months. I have learned to be a better friend through your friendships. Aldz, Decky, Brent, Nica (thanks for bringing Skittlez into my life!), Ann, Matt, Coyi, Liz, Kevin, Jess, Jake, and Francis, in your own ways, you've all made me better. :) Chyeah!
The UNO dance gang, I don't know how I could have survived without knowing all of you. Boss Redd, Aileen (thanks for all the rides!), Michie (condo hangouts), Ate Charlene (dimples!), Evelyn, Joyce, Achi Kat and Irish, Kate, Ahya Kurt and Mon, Steph, Maris, Karina, Avery, Ken, Goldie, and Princess, it isn't any more fun than when all of us are dancing in the albeit cramped dance area at UHS. You guys are awesome.
For my campus buddies Luis (first friend in the Philippines!), Marisse, Bob, Jiet, Kenneth, and Darryl, each of you make my otherwise horrendously boring classes beautifully special. Especially Ken, bro, we've been through hell and high water, and I'm glad to find a real friend in you.
To the ENGLCOM group, while not all of us were classmates, all of you are among my first friends in La Salle, and in the one year I've been here, you are all still the fun and wonderful group that I met. Riakins, Anj, Janille, Christian, JJ, PJ, Sandee, and Patmig, thanks for the friendship. :)
In this year, I was also fortunate enough to be placed in a Sports Block in my first term, and I am honored (and inherently annoyed to be around such fit bastards) to know all of you. Ferdie, Walshie, Raf, Si, Pato, Monti, Rian, Ralph, and our resident model (seriously) Carlos, hanging out with all of you on a daily basis taught me more than I need to know about chicken sandwiches, Pato's sexual preferences (chicken, anyone? LMAO), and the much unwanted advice on how to get high school girls. ROFL. My year here has been amazingly fun knowing all of you.
And how can campus life be enjoyed without some 'churvaness' from my 'churvaloos' from LSDC-Street and LSDC-Jazz! My recent weeks have been incredible thanks to you Jazz girls. I'm sure Gayle won't mind the 'gayness' you're all rubbing on me. LOL. Nadine, Corz, Rika, Totie, Monica, Cams, Ren, and Ara, all of you have made me laugh so much! Recruitment week, "Join Jazz!". LMAO. My LSDC-Street buddies Efren and Japheth, we'll be training more together for Animo. Thanks for the dance tips. Mico, you will be in Jaipur more and more with Skittlez. Haha..
My DT family from Philippines United, you guys helped me so much when I was still new here! You are all little 'daddies' to me and I appreciate your help and kindness. Games do bring people together, and your welcome party for me was incredible. Special thanks to my "Yabang Pinoy" and HOC brother, Joseph, who's been a great and true friend to me. Edison, Vlad, and Dexter, you are all good real-life dads, and I hope your kids turn out to be the men you all are. :)

The various dancers I've met and befriended, and the tons of campus buddies, you guys have made it a year to be thankful for.

Saving the best for last. :)
To my Gayle, meeting you and being friends with you was already awesome to begin with, but when our friendship blossomed and grew, you have been, quite literally, an angel to me. :) You've inspired and taught me in more ways than you can imagine, and even though we haven't been together for long, I look forward to dancing beside you, and being your man, for much, much longer. You've made me stronger, and you've made my staying here incredible. Thanks for the love, hugs, kisses, and the uncountable moments of laughter that we share together. <3

In this year.. Amazing what one can accomplish!
So okay, I was rejected in two school organizations, Lasallian Ambassadors (late forms, LMAO), and LSDC-Street, but look what doors opened when these ones closed! I am now in Animo Squad, a varsity dance group, and (announcing it here) training with the La Salle Debate Society. If you really know me, you wouldn't ask why is Jason in the debate society. LOL. I just have to do well this term as a trainee, and who knows, it could be a second varsity next term. :D

It's been a year of many blessings.
I can only wonder at how much more is in store for me.

It's been a year.
Bring on the next three. :D

Life is good. :)


  1. I look forward to dancing beside you, and being your man, for much, much longer.
    Awwwwwwww =') Me too baby. =)You're welcome. Yeah uncountable moments- good and bad. We are a tag team, remember? *wink*
    I'm sure Gayle won't mind the 'gayness' you're all rubbing on me.
    Of course I don't mind hahahaha
    CHOVA ka!!! LOL.
    I'm always here holding your hand
    even if shit things happen... harhar
    I hearts you! mwah and hug =P

  2. *ngek*

    Tag team? Like wrestling? :P
    Ahaha.. I know you're always there for me. ;)


    I am very proud of you. BUT, you didn't put me down in the list like (Mum, thanks for the tuition fee!!) he he he he

    Anyway, i know I am first in your heart.

    Good grades must continue ok?

    I love you - MUM

  4. Ha! :P I prefer if it's implicit.
    Okay then since you asked.

    Mum, thanks for the tuition.

    Ahaha.. Take care and I love you.
    Of course the grades will continue. :)

  5. naka 1 year ka na? dang... time sure flies. hahaha

    looks like your first year in pinas was a blast. brace yourself for more! hahaha

  6. yeah tag team versus you-know-who hahahahahaha joke! =P

  7. Joe: Yeah. Time is so fast. I can't believe it's already been a year since I first came here.

    Gayle: Against who..? :P

  8. I'll tell you tom since you're sleeping now hahahahahaha (sleepyhead!=P)
    Btw, thanks for lending us your speakers harhar Don't forget to watch our performance tom oki? =D 5:30pm at TYA =P

  9. No problem. Sir Peter is my boss in Animo Squad anyway. :P

    I can't watch.. I have training babe. :( Sorry..

  10. hahahahahaha oo nga noh =P

    it's ok you didnt watch at least you saw the rehearsals =D
    you still saw me dance *wink*