Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Chef Wong's

Another dinner date, this time at a Chinese restaurant called Chef Wong's, located at SM San Lazaro.

Sipping my iced tea.

Roast Chicken Rice

Spicy Squid and Noodles Set.

The place was a little disappointing, to be honest. Coming from Malaysia, I personally find commercialized Chinese food here in Manila to be a little too heavy on the flavors, and very much lacking in authenticity. :( Sad, really, since the food looks great. I emphasize on the 'looks great' part, because I wasn't crazy about it.

The roast chicken was alright, though it will not stand up against commercial Malaysian Chinese restaurants like Singapore Chicken Rice. Vegetables were pretty good though. It is painfully obvious that my squid meal is not Chinese, and a poor attempt at making it seem so was done by adding noodles. LMAO. Pathetic. To be fair, it wasn't half bad.

The UFO (unidentified foam-like object) that was on my set remained uneaten. I will not eat anything that resembles Spongebob Squarepants. It was bouncy, yellow, and worryingly reminiscent of a dish-washing sponge. =/

I will not bring Gayle, or anyone for that matter, to eat at Chef Wong's again any time soon. Just too disappointing for my liking.



  1. Eww. Remove my picture pls. =)) I look shit without my bangs =(

    Anyway, yeah I don't like the food. =| I should know because I grew up in a Chinese community. I know the best Chinese restaurant here (President's). Your food was really weird esp. that spongy, yucky thing hahaha Mine was ok.. So so.. A lot of rice =D harhar Next time let's go to Binondo. I'll treat you haha Let's eat at Tasty Dumplings or President's or Wanchai or Masuki. =P

  2. Okay. I'll change your piccie. :)
    You said ha.. Binondo's the best Chinese-food place. :D

  3. yey thanks hahaha kadiri that pic =P
    yep we'll go there maybe next month =D

  4. Maybe it was their version of tofu.


  5. LMAO. It was not any version of anything. :P