Monday, 2 June 2008

Daily Bread

The new prayer during meals.

Thanks for the grub.
Yeah, Gawd!"

If you didn't LOL, you suck.



  1. alloz jason!!! its nish!! hahah. i stumbled on this somehow. i think i went to someones blog and clicked on someone elses, and someone elses and hello, i find you! how are you?! awesomeness that you have a blog, i think its a great way to keep tabs with mates. and OMYGOD ST> CO WON DEBATE AGAIN!! its been a while ay!! i was 15 then, and fuck i'm 21 now!! i blog as well, have a read when ur bored. its extremely self-absorbed. HAHA. love youseee!

  2. Hey Nish!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, our school is pwning! LOL. You were 15, and I was barely 14. Ahaha.. Great and awesome memories, plus our names will forever be in St. Co history books. Ahaha..

    It's so awesome that you found my blog. :) I'll link you yeah. :)

    Take care Nisha!! :D

  3. sure =) i'm sweet with that.