Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I'm a Red Devil!

The Red Devils. Manchester United, the greatest club in Premiership history. It’s not even “arguably” the best; they are simply the best. I have been supporting them since the 2002/2003 Season, when they won the Premiership for the 8th time in 11 years at that time.
Many people who support clubs do not actually remember how they came to support the club they do, but I remember it quite well. I was watching a match between Man United and another team, I’m not sure whether it was Arsenal or Aston Villa, but I remember seeing two players. Club captain Roy Keane, running box to box to box, looking like he owns the pitch, and Ruud van Nistelrooy, that Flying Dutchman who looked like he could score as long as a pass was given to him. From the way they moved, the way they ran at the defenders, I was hooked to football, and my love affair with United started.

I supported them season after season after that. Even as we beat Arsenal home and away, Arsenal would go on to win the next season undefeated. In the 2004/2005 season, we made sure we ended their winning streak by killing them off at Old Trafford. However, the money machine that is Chelsea would go on to spend over £200 million that season and would also win the Premiership, back to back in the ‘04/’05 and ‘05/’06 Season. It was heartbreak, but we did not have the money to waste like the Russian billionaire owner of Chelski.

This season is different. We have the PFA Player of the Year and PFA Young Player of the Year in Cristiano Ronaldo. We have 8 of the 11 players in the PFA XI in Edwin van der Sar (GK), Gary Neville (RB), Nemanja Vidic (CB), Rio Ferdinand (CB), Patrice Evra (LB), Ryan Giggs (LW), Paul Scholes (CM), and Cristiano Ronaldo (RW). We have the best young team in England, and arguably the best young team in the world. We have the best goal difference in the Premier League. We are competing for the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and the FA Cup. Every outfield player except Gary Neville has scored for the club. We have the best defensive record at home. We have the best attacking record home and away. We have the most attendance at home games. We have the best club stadium in England. This season is ours. 5 games left and 3 points ahead of the Blue Baboons, we’re nearly there.

So why do I support Man United? I love the way they play. I love the way they pass. I love the way they score. I love the passion of the fans and supporters. I love their history. I love the fact that they are winners. I love the fact that they rise one more time than they fall. I love the fact that almost every other club hates them. I love our big Theatre of Dreams. I love songs ringing around the stadium.

I am a Manchester United supporter. I am a Red Devil.
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.



  1. Ya.. I used to support MU. Coz I admire their efforts getting back on the own feet after dat plane crash. they 'were' the top team. and the best.
    but now....
    they are nothing like before.
    i guess they're losing their spirit.

  2. I don't think they are.
    Look, we're actually ahead of the money machine that's Chelsea, and after beating Everton, the title's 95% ours. :)

    Things are looking up my man. :)