Thursday, 19 April 2007

My Kicks II

Nike Pace Vapor II
January 2006
I have always been a huge football fan, being a hardcore Manchester United supporter. So when I had to get myself proper footwear for futsal, I went with Nike. They felt better, looked better, and cleaned easier. This pair’s been responsible for some really cool goals I’ve scored and some real nifty defending when I needed to (I play right back). Just wished the ankle support wasn’t so stiff.

Converse All-Star Low
March 2006
You’ve got to have a Con. Come on, it’s old school, and it’s darn cool. Of course there are rules to having a Converse. First, you have to have a pair that looks like a Converse. Second, it must not look like the fake ones (read: Northstar, Eurostar). Third, it’s got to feel like a Con. Nothing else to say, you should know how it is. *grins*

Nike 1972 Cortez Classic
September 2006
As my President aged, I needed another all-white pair. An all-white pair looks great with almost everything, especially jeans (my favorite sort of pants), so I must have a pair. Since I’ve already had an AF, I decided to go for a Cortez. Sleek, smooth, and cool, it’s amazingly comfortable to walk around in. It doesn’t look good with baggy trousers though because of its narrow profile.

Adidas Superstar Anniversary Edition
January 2007
Everyone’s got to have a crazy colored pair of kicks. This was inspired by a special friend of mine who had a green Cortez with red swoosh. I thought it looked absolutely appalling, but now, I think it’s fun to have a pair of quirky looking shoes. It’s pretty fun to walk in as well.

Nike Shox Bounce
Purchased: February 2007
I wasn’t happy with the T-Mac I was using during ball games, because my ankle would roll when I land. The answer was a Nike Shox. I love the absorbers underneath the ankle. I haven’t had a sprained ankle so far. It looked good, felt good, and helped me raise my game. As with any sport, the athlete is 90% and his gear is 10%. When you have a full 10% from your gear, you obviously have an edge. *smiles*

Not shown:
Adidas Superstar II, Adidas T-Mac. Never really liked these two.



  1. I think u are the equivalent of shoe craze...hahaha...

  2. I think u are the equivalent of shoe craze...hahaha...