Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Pushing Too Hard

Oh man. It's Tuesday, and my body feels terrible. My past week's exercise was a tad bit too over-eager, and it sure is making my body feel it.

It went something like this:
Thursday: Basketball + Weight Training (Upper Body)
Friday: Basketball + Weight Training (Lower Body + "Human Torch" Superset)
Saturday: Basketball
Sunday: Basketball + Tennis
Monday: Basketball + Weight Training ("Human Torch" Superset).

I knew I had to give it a rest when on Monday, during my "Human Torch" Superset, I couldn't finish my second circuit. My body was taxed, and what did I do? I went for basketball. Yeah, it's stupid. It showed; I could barely run back to defend, and that's what I usually do. Sigh...

The punishment:
Hurting back, hurting butt, painful knees, right knee hurts to bend, hurting calves, strained delts, strained right triceps, hurting wrists, hurting chest, hurting thighs, both forearms feel weak, hurting feet, hurting neck, and a headache.

Moral of the story:
Over-training is real. I thought it won't happen to me and now, I ruined the rest of the week's workout as I am now out of action. :(


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