Thursday, 19 April 2007

My Kicks I

Adidas New Lawsuit II
March 2003
The very first pair of shoes I bought with my own money. I have just started helping out in my mum’s tuition, and when I got my “salary”, I really wanted to get a pair of shoes. This is by far my toughest pair of kicks. They are skate shoes, and they’re pretty rugged. This particular pair’s nickname’s The Lawyer. I’ve used them on several break-dance performances.

Adidas Bianary
May 2003
I couldn’t wait for another pair after having The Lawyer. Having seen and felt first-hand the rugged comfort of good skate shoes, I simply must have another. Thankfully, I had enough cash to go to the shoe shop and get myself The Gray. *smiles* This pair is one of my least worn ones, as its material is pretty easy to crack… *sigh*

Nike 1982 Air Force One
December 2003
Quite a long gap this time! I tore my spinal nerve around August, so I couldn’t dance as much. The Lawyer has served me well in my dancing, but it just did not have that b-boy look. At that time, all b-boys simply must have their “Urr-Fawses” before even thinking of blasting the floor with windmills. The story of this pair’s a special one to me. I won it in a b-boy one-on-one battle two weeks after PMR, so it has a special place in my heart. This is The President. *grins*

Adidas Climacool Noad
March 2004
The most expensive pair I’ve bought at that time. I needed a good pair of running shoes, and I was a bit of an Adidas freak then. When I was 16, I was a pretty active bloke, and being a prefect helped. *smiles* So I actually jogged, and used this pair. After a while though, I stopped running because of my weak right knee. Where’s Noah now? I’ve sold this pair to Eddie.

DC Ryrdek
June 2004
I specifically bought this cool pair of kicks for Mufti Day 2004. I needed shoes that would go well with a red shirt, bunched up jeans, and bling, and this was it. Big, bulky, full of attitude, it was me, especially back in 2004. I was the rebel has-been b-boy slash wannabe rocker. The best thing about this pair? It’s autographed!! I wore it on Free2Be 3 and got DDM and DG of Altered Frequency to sign on it! Talk about increased value there! I never bothered to name this pair.

Nike Baseline
January 2005
I needed a versatile athletic pair of shoes, and Noah wasn’t up to it, unfortunately. When I saw this one’s cool silver finish, I knew this was it. I’ve brought it for camps and stuff along with The Lawyer, and it has never once let me down during activities. This pair also became my all-purpose athletic shoes, and I used them when I first started playing basketball. This year would prove to be the drought of my shoe rack.


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