Wednesday, 2 May 2007

51 Points From The Arc

It was a Sunday. As usual, the game's at the Boat Club. Wind feels good. Wrist feels supple. Elbow's tight. Shoulder's ready. Game is on. I didn't know I was about to break my previous record of 14.

Game was at 4.30pm as usual. Usual gang, usual ball. In the past couple of weeks, I've been shooting a lot more jump shots, to boost my scoring mostly. I'm an assist guy; I love being the ball crew's resident playmaker. I also like to shoot three-pointers, and when I start, I usually can't stop. *smiles*

First 2 were the opening shots of the day. Andrew commented that he felt I was losing my touch. I told him yeah, I feel like I haven't been shooting enough. That's when I got in 3 more back to back. Felt good to have 5 for the day. First game's going on, and I was (unfortunately for the opposing team) left wide open on the 3-point line. I sank in another 4 before I was properly guarded. That's 9.

The next batch was awesome. The big boys of the court started coming. Jerome, the offensive rebound dude; KS, another 3-point specialist; and Serious Sam, yet another 3-point and jump shot specialist. I was going to be given a run for my money.
Game 2 set, and I got in another 3 out of my first 5 attempts. That's a nice 12. Fastbreak in the middle of the game and since I couldn't lay up to save my life, I stopped at the arc and took a swish. Swoosh. Lucky number 13. Alan said that since 13's unlucky, I probably wouldn't get another one. Then came numbers 14 and 15, and I already broke my previous personal best.

Numbers 16 and 17 were truly special. Game's ending, and we're behind, 32-38. For a game until 40 points, it was game point for them. *sighs* I got in a nice under-pressure shot that hit the inside of the ring and went in. 35-38. Then, the big one. The shot that tied the game and brought us back from the dead. 38-38. I tried to go for glory, but I missed, and Alan got the rebound. He scored and we won. *smiles again*

29042007. Best basketball day for me, ever.


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