Wednesday, 11 April 2007

iPod Oblivion

Heard of this law? It was passed in February, 2007 in the US of A.
It states that "all pedestrians crossing a road in metropolitan areas while distracted by an electronic device are to be fined USD100.00 when caught."

There’s a very basic reason for this. How the hell are you gonna hear that loud blaring horn of the incoming Hilux if your iPod/W850 is blaring out “You’re Beautiful” right into your eardrums? It’s one heck of a law, and it sure discourages users to be “distracted” while crossing the road. I say this law should be applied here too. I am also guilty of being “electronically distracted”. First of all, I cannot leave my house without bringing my trusty Walkman phone with me. I am a text messaging freak, sending out up to 6k messages a month (don’t look at me; I know you do it too). So when I walk around, and this includes crossing roads, I’m most probably a) texting b) texting c) listening to Three Days Grace.
I just cant help it, but if I know I’m gonna be fined a hefty sum for that, I’d probably stop. Secondly, you know there are a lot of people (maybe even you) who have escaped near misses from those errant modified-Wira drivers who won't even honk to ask you to get the hell out of the way.

Your best bet? Remember the primary school traffic games rule: look right, look left, and look right again.



  1. Love ur blogs! interesting n eye-opening...keep writing ya!i'll keep checking it out!