Saturday, 14 April 2007

To-Don't List After a Break Up

1. Blog it.
You are a dude. You broke up. You tell your closest mates, not the whole continent. Maybe you're just looking for sympathy.

2. Put a sad name on your MSN.
Ditto above. You sympathy seeker, you.

3. Bad mouth your ex.

Memories were made. Some good, so think of the good. You wouldn't want her to do the same to you right? Right.

4. "I never loved you anyway."
You jerk.

5.Take all the fault yourself.
You're tough, we know. It wasn't ALL your fault, so take it easy.

6. Put all the blame on her.
Dude, suck it up. It's partly your fault too.

7. Forget being courteous.
Example: You broke up with her a day before her birthday. You didn't greet her. Not even a week later? It's either you have a replacement already or you're a jerk.

8. Send her mushy notes/letters to her parents.
You psycho.

9. Hit her.
She could (and probably will) call the police. The law's on her side, buddy. Violence never solves anything.

10. Hold knives, guns, or small pets while feeling low.
Come on. No reason to hurt anyone. Least of all your sister's hamster. Go for a run; it's a much better way to cool off.



  1. hmmm.. I've read countless blogs about "break ups" but they don't really sound like they r lookin for sympathy.
    I guess some ppl just need to geddit out of their system.

    oh i'm gonna write a blog a bout my ex. but thats coz it's part of my testimony.

  2. Okay..
    I only wrote this because I noticed that there are people who do really silly stuff after a breakup. :)
    About getting it out of their system, that's what your close friends ar for. You don't have to tell the world.
    Not everyone is Prince Willian and Kate Middleton. :)