Monday, 6 October 2008

Benadryl Please! Allergic to Stupidity!

Did not have a very good week last week in school. Lost my temper quite a bit. Not because of the heavy reading materials, or the long photocopying lines, or the long library queues, not even the bad food and crazy hot weather. Oh no. Those I can stomach.

I am talking about people.
Specifically, dumb people.

Seriously, I do NOT understand how some of the people in my classes (MAJORS classes, mind you) even get in the majors program and courses. I have no freaking idea. The IQ of several of these individuals must be having a hard time reaching triple digits. It's that bad. And no, I am not exaggerating.


Exhibit A
Majors class. "American Economy", a very important course for International Studies scholars. Professor was expounding on different economic institutions, and a part touched on industries. Specifically infant industries. She then asked what this meant. A guy sitting at the very front vigorously raised his hand up.

"Miss, an infant industry is an industry that focuses on producing baby products."

You have GOT to shoot me right the eff now.


Exhibit B
Majors class. "American Economy" once again. Professor asked several groups to present a 10-minute Powerpoint presentation on different major corporations, specifically talking about their histories, contributions to the American economy, and where these companies are heading.

Presentation on Boeing Airlines, quotes:
"The Boeing airline was founded by William Boeing from 1916 to 1829."
"The Concorde, which surpassed the Boeing 747 in terms of speed and capacity..."

Was that bad enough?
Let me shatter your world.

Their presentation's first informative slide had over 100 words. Oh I stopped counting at 30, about a quarter into the SLIDE. The rest of the slides had 60-80 words each. This is supposed to be a majors presentation?? Give me a break!

The presentation (finally, hallelujah!) ended, and the professor asked several questions, chief among which inquired why the last member did not speak during the presentation. They said he did the most research. Okay, very well then. So the professor asked him what would be Boeing doing, in his opinion, in the near future.

Awkward silence for five minutes.

I thought this idiot did the research! Dio mio! Shoot me right the eff now!

He should have said, "Making bloody airplanes, duh."


Exhibit C
All my classes. Classmates, please stop answering a question with the following formats. I will laugh and ridicule you in my head. And some of you, I have already given the evil eye.

"Um.. Could it be [x], miss?"
"Sir, I'll just try okay? I'm not sure. I think it's [x]."
"Ma'am, I'm not really sure."
"*looks down at notes*"
"Ah.. Well.. Could you repeat the question?"
"What's that again?"

Get a freaking clue, idiots! You'll just try? Take a bloody risk! You're not going to get shot if you answer wrong! The biggest losers are the ones who are so scared of being wrong, they're never getting a chance to get anything right. Take a risk. If you're wrong, at least you know what's NOT the answer. DUH! And stalling for time hastens your bad image to the professor.


Exhibit D
This just annoys me.
Pages and pages of notes full of highlighted lines in colorful ink. That's it.

It's all fine and dandy if you highlight. It proves you've been at the page. Did you read it? Did you understand it? I doubt it, because myself, among the others who do NOT highlight, but instead WRITE NOTES, are the ones you idiots are asking the answers from.

Write your own notes for Pete's sake. Writing "the allegiance of elite social organizations to the liberalist theory serves as a negative influence to the functions of said elite social organization" does not impress me. Not one bit. You copied it from the reading material, silly. What about making life simple and write (these are notes, not a thesis essay) "businesses don't do well when they follow liberalist theories". That impresses me. You can get the gist of a 200-word paragraph and fit it into words you understand.

Write notes. Save highlighters. Pens are cheaper too.
Plus you all wouldn't look so dumb.


Exhibit E
Someone, anyone, beat the living hell out of anyone who suggests to someone to drop a class because it's too difficult.

Losers. Stop whining. Pick up the effing book and read.


Ugh. That was a good rant.
I'll go fix myself some chicken soup. Yum.



  1. take it easy bro. you might pop a vein. =P

    colorful pages! make sure it's within the lines! *hahaha*

    I prefer pencils. I actually don't have a pen in my desk right now. =P

  2. buds, Exhibit C happens all the time, everywhere. what ticks me off is when they go, "i think it this la... *giggle giggle* i dunno.. i dunnoo" wtf -_-"

    anyway, calm down and enjoy your chicken soup.

  3. i feel you. :) someone in my chem tuition class once asked the teacher what H2O is. IN OCTOBER. when SPM was like a month away. and there's this girl in my class who just raises her hand in ever lesson, even before she knows what she wants to ask. -_- it's like she MUST ask a question in EVERY class, for the sake of asking questions and wastes other people's time.

  4. Joe: Gawd, it happened again today! The presentation today was way worse. Three slides that took 15 minutes to present, and the first slide had near 200 words on it! I couldn't see a bloody thing on the screen.

    Also (they reported on Apple, Inc.), it seems like iPods are the only things Apple ever made. What a dumb report.

    Tabs: Hey you. I hate people who dawdle and stall for time. It never works. *sigh* And yeah, chicken soup last night was good. Calmed me down some.

    Angel: Long time no see! :) Glad to have you back here in my blog. LOL. Anyway, that classmate of yours that asked about H2O is a Class A idiot. :) A month before SPM?? LOL. That's so easy, it's dumb.

    Ugh. I hate smartasses. Being inquisitive is one thing, being a try-hard smartass is another.

  5. Haha. I had a good laugh reading this entry, man. Surprisingly, some of the sh*t written here happen even here in UP. I personally do not have any problems with highlighters and such, I just can't stand power point presentations having slides that look like they came right out of books.

    Gawd. Even kids in my high school know very well that slides shouldn't be too textual. Unless you want to bore the hell out of your audience. Haha.

    Good rant, good rant! Haha.

  6. Thanks Chris. I stand by my belief that a presentation should be nothing more than a visual aid at most to one's audience; they should be listening to you, the speaker, to get the substance of the lecture/speech.

    Damn these copy-paste idiots.

  7. like duh... im sure they have taken ENGLCOM already. wtf. 200 words in one slide??? are you serious? homaygad. =|

    i love highlighting my hand-outs too. =P BUT i make sure i understand what i have highlighted in the hand-outs. i dont just highlight for the sake of highlighting. haha!

  8. It's clearly cut-copy-paste work.

    Haha.. I don't like highlighting. If I really read the material and understand it, I wouldn't need to highlight to know where it is. :P

  9. hahahahaha yep i know! you love taking down notes. i remember your notes in your palm =))

  10. Hahaha.. For lack of paper! :P

  11. I considered dropping further maths because it was tough =)

    And I highlight too, although have taken to writing down short notes for exams instead of just highlighting my lecture notes.

  12. You should meet my classmates, jie. They're so not like you. They highlight almost the entire text sometimes, yet during mid-terms, they fail.