Friday, 31 October 2008

Falling Apart

I never thought it was possible.
I have always, always prided myself in my physical condition. I may not be cut like a 300 Spartan, but heck, I know I'm healthy.

Studying for mid-terms and dance practices everyday just took its toll on me, physically and mentally. Yesterday, I almost collapsed in school due to exhaustion. I spent four hours in the University Clinic, where the nurses, I must say, took real good care of me. My back was on fire, and I never thought back pain from exhaustion will ever hit me.

But it did.

I am taking a break this weekend from studying, and will limit dancing until next week. I hope I get well soon, as REMIX 2008 is already on the 14th of November.




  1. take care sweetheart...

    We hope we are there for you but we know you are going to be better than OK.

    We love you & we miss you so much..
    MUM & Pops

  2. Thanks a lot. :)
    I'm feeling a lot better now. I've been resting and resting and drinking tons of water. Should be at 100% again by Sunday. :)

  3. Take it easy, Jason.
    Feel better soon, yeah?
    See you around campus. :)

  4. yeah, dapski's right. take it easy. =(
    and be consistent po when practicing. don't krump super hard today then tom 'easy busy' lang =|

  5. Darryl: Thanks a lot. :) Yeah, I know.

    Gayle: Alright. Thanks.