Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Dinner at Reyes' Barbecue

A branch of the famed Reyes' Barbecue food chain opened recently across La Salle (in some ways, God has indeed blessed Taft Avenue), and Gayle and I decided to have one of our dinners there. Not too bad, plus a cam-whore session was in order. What a perfect way to chill after posting rants. :P

She makes faces.

He makes faces.

They make faces.

The food.

Skewered pork barbecue.

Grilled burger patties.

The food was pretty good. We both struggled to finish the meals, which was surprising considering the servings looked small. Deceptive. :) Compared with a lot of other establishments around Taft Avenue, the food is actually rather cheap. However, the choices were really limited (only about 6-8 choices I think), so one would probably get bored quickly with this place. Overall, pretty good, but could do more with a more varied choice of food.

"Hmm.. What should I order..?"




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  2. Yummy.

    So the two of you are busy binging !!! REALLY busy...

    I love both of you

  3. Haha.. This was our first dinner out in almost 2 weeks! It's hard to get our schedules in sync, because Gayle has LSDC training. :(

    We love you too Mum. :)

  4. yeah especially this month. =( a lot of dance requests.. huhuhu
    hello to late night rehearsals again. =|

  5. Oh no. :( Does that mean you won't get home until after 10.30 pm? :(

  6. yep that's right =(

    oh man. bruises again =((