Friday, 17 October 2008

Farting Viking Lesbians

No, I did not meet a Viking lesbian who has a bad case of flatulence.
This is about as random as we get. :P

Conversation Guide:
Aldz; Jay

"Bro, did you hear this song called 'I love lesbians'?"
"Nope. Who sang it?""
"I forgot. It's such a dumb song."
"Yeah? Lesbians are hot, man."
"I know man."
"Did you know that broccoli and cabbages makes for the smelliest farts?"
"Really? I thought it was meat."
"Nope. It's the vegetables, man."
"Broccoli? *laughs* They're like little trees. I don't know why kids hate them."
"They're nice actually. "
"Russia was founded by Vikings."
"Yeah bro. The first Russians were Vikings."
"How the hell did we start talking about Vikings??"

*ROFL in the car*

This conversation happened in the 2 minutes it takes to cross a block.



  1. and what is it with guys and lesbians and them being hot. i just don't get it

  2. You never will. :)
    Then again, according to a lot of my female friends, gay guys are the 'hottest'.

    Prime example would be Nate, Oprah's house-makeover dude.