Saturday, 25 October 2008

I'm Alive! An Update.

Yeah I know, lack of updates.

Mid-terms are coming up this week, and I have been busy working on several goals.

1. Be the star student in American History.
- Kinda done. :) I have not had anything less than a 100% in any quiz, and my lecture in class (a major's class!) received 27/30 from Bro. Gregory Wright, FSC, who's a historian himself.

2. Be the star student in American Economics.
- Very possible, given how I've been performing this term. :) Just needs to pull through with the project draft and I'll be fine.

3. Be the star student in Foreign Relations.
- Very possible, especially with last class's review session, where I answered almost all of the class' questions. :) Jason is pwning!

4. Pass International Political Economy.
- Good Lord, it's tough when politics and economics combine. :( I'm struggling a lot in this one subject.

5. Win REMIX08 with Skittlez.
- I don't know right now. The lack of seriousness during practices, the godawful incompleteness (my fault sometimes), and the too-many water breaks are starting to annoy me. Also the fact that the crew does not stretch before dancing. *sigh* What am I to do? My future with the crew is in doubt, unfortunately.

6. Get fit, fast.
- I need to retain my Competition Team status in Animo Squad (though I was not eligible for the dance team last season, due to foreign athlete status), and I definitely need to work on cutting down my body fat for gymnastics (and the horrifyingly tight Spandex costumes). I'm pleased to say that my calf raises are at 215 lbs for 90 reps (6 sets). NINETY repetitions, people. :D Who's yo daddy?? Haha.. On a downside, I suffered some micro-tears on both my pecs. :( Lesson? Do not bench press 4 sets AND also do incline flies on the same day. *sigh* Cross-trainer, here I come.

7. Get well.
- Colds, cough, and injuries. Another beautiful day in the life of the Jason.

8. Get a good GFX.
- Will be changing my blog address in a couple of months (may be sooner), and I need a nice new header for it. Will probably ask Aaron again. LOL. He's a genius with GFX.

That's all for the update this time around. Will try to blog more later when I get home, but for now, I need to go do some groceries. :) You know, being a bachelor and all.



  1. good job, baby! =) good luck in IPOLECO =( kaya mo yan! =D

    good luck also in remix'08. i may not see you dance onstage but i hope i'll get to see you backstage =P well... don't worry 2wks na lang. i really think you should tell it to everyone- just so they know.

    get well soon! *hugs*

  2. Thanks love. :)
    It's nice to know there's this professional dancer who's always supporting me! Haha.. I'm so proud to say my babe is from LSDC. :D

    I'm feeling better now. :) My chest is feeling a lot better, and I don't have to take painkillers anymore. :)

  3. =D thanks baby.

    that's good to hear. =) *hugs*
    i think i got your sipon hahahahaha

  4. Oh no. :(
    Sorry for making you catch a cold. :(

  5. it's ok, allergy boy =D hahaha

  6. Aww.. =/ You're still teasing me about that? Haha..

  7. aww you're sick too! no high-five moment in that cuz it sucks.
    =( get well soon buds

  8. Yeaps, I'm feeling better now. I was really ill last week. Couldn't stop coughing, plus my chest was injured. :(

  9. of course. always. =p

  10. Haha.. I need a new nickname from Sirens. :P

  11. what? lil krumper boy??? =)) i got that from ahya mon harhar btw he wishes you good luck in remix. =D

  12. Haha.. That's a funny nickname. :P
    We'll need all the luck we can get. :(

  13. yeah i know right? crazy yun eh =))
    don't worry, you guys can do it! ;p

  14. Oh, why you changing your address?

  15. Something that reflects me a little better. :) I'll make sure to email you regular readers about it. :)