Monday, 1 September 2008

Animo Squad in the Inquirer

We were featured in one of Manila's leading newspapers, the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Here's the article.

There's a picture there, and in case it's too small for you to see where The Jason is, here's the photograph, courtesy of the Inquirer. Thanks for the picture! Note that several squad members were not present in the photograph. :(

Let's go Animo, let's go! :)




  1. ROFL! I think I look a little too happy. Then again, we're supposed to be cheerleaders. :P

    Don't laugh (too much).

  2. really? i think you look ok. you ARE a cheerleader after all. no harm in being overly happy. lol.

    *big wide grin just like my buddy jason* lol

  3. Ahaha.. We had several shots actually. This is the 'wacky' one I think. We had a shot of our 'aggressive' look, LOL. I don't think it worked out too well. :P