Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Gumbo - A Taste of New Orleans

Another dinner date, after a long time!

We decided to try out this place called Gumbo - A Taste of New Orleans, located in Midtown Wing, Robinson's Place Ermita. It looked like a really nice place, and we were not disappointed. Far from it. :)

Us. :)

View from our king-couch. We were pretty lucky to be seated in these huge, comfy seats. :D

The cool fans.

The food! :D

Appetizer: Baguette with Honey and Garlic

Entree: Buffalo Wings

Gayle's: Prawn Kebab with Corn-on-cob

Mine: New Orleans' Seafood Gumbo

I have to say, the food is fantastic! I never would have thought bread would taste good with honey and garlic, but darn. The wings were very average, I thought, and we didn't finish them (they were complimentary anyway LOL).
Gayle's food was delicious. She had these prawns skewered on top of her rice, and they looked so tempting! The corn was really buttery too. She doesn't gain weight like I do anyway, so it was cool. LOL. I had the house specialty, a Gumbo. I've never eaten Gumbo before so I didn't know what to expect. Turns out it's a seafood stew. REALLY delicious. As in, REALLY delicious. As in.. Well you get the idea. It was also spicy, just the way I like my food. :D

The servings in Gumbo are huge.

Even by Manila standards, they are well-worth the money you pay for them (food is very expensive here). This place offers good dining for the price of just about 2 very average meals in an average eating place. When I say 'good dining', I mean it. The service is really good! Quick, and the staff are very amiable. :) The place also looks very fancy, a place you'd expect to shell out serious moolah to eat in, but it's not quite the case. :)

Will definitely go to Gumbo again sometime. :)

We hearts the king-couch. <3



  1. your "Jollibee" smile in the last pic... again. RAR. =))

    so far, it's the best place to eat in midtown and i really must say, damn yum yum =D

    i was SO full that night. grabest. 12 grilled PRAWNS + LOTS of rice (yay!) + corn. oh yeah! heaven =D what's the name of my food again? cajun shrimp? or something like that? basta!!! the food is great!

    i also love the couch hahahaha very huge and comfortable. =x

    remember the server that night? you were fixing your hoody and she thought you were calling her? she gave you a HUGE smile? eww HD. =)) just kidding ;p

    oh and you forgot to write...

  2. Ahaha.. Yeah, your food was plenty. :P You couldn't even eat the last two pieces of buffalo wings. :P

    And you drank a lot more rootbeer than I did. :P

  3. oh yeah. =/
    actually the buffalo wings aren't as good as the bread w/ honey & garlic. =D

  4. I know. Still, it was a pretty good dinner and at least now we know not to order the buffalo wings. :P