Monday, 8 September 2008

Animo Squad - CDC 2008

The big day.
2008 UAAP CDC.

In the locker room, which we shared with eventual (and defending) champions, UP Pep Squad, from the University of the Philippines.

The long hours put in practices resulted in several bizarre behavioral quirks..
A-Squad captain Totie Martinez.

Jaime can't find himself.

Andrew decides to strip.

Superman that ho'!

Brent's "cheer" face. LOL.

Stu and his "cleavage".

More locker room photos!

After the performance.. Our exhaustion finally caught up with us. Considering that we are such a new team performing at such a high level of competition, we pushed hard, but the push finally shoved some members back.

Proudly wearing our Green and White!

A-Squad and Araneta Coliseum.

It doesn't matter that the results were disappointing, and we faced extremely obvious prejudice and bias, I am so proud to have been in the A-Squad with each and every one of you, from the dancers, to the drummers, to the coaches and PT staff, I love you guys so much.

Let's go Animo, let's go!
We are the very first generation of the A-Squad. :)



  1. Congratulations to all of you.

    Winning is in the willingness of the heart to accept defeat with dignity, humility and grace.

    I love you Jay