Sunday, 31 August 2008

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Kepada semua kawanku di atau dari negara Malaysia, selamat Hari Merdeka! :)

Have fun eating and making merry while I'm training my butt off!

Hmmph! :P



  1. On merdeka day, I had a fleeting awareness of it in the morning, which was then driven out as I started my day, and then I only remembered in the evening, while getting ready for dinner.

    And this was in the PBC family camp, where I was surrounded by people the whole day, not one of whom reminded me of that fact.

    Aren't we patriotic! XD

  2. Oh yes we are. LOL.
    Remember back in high school when we would have an entire Merdeka month, with flags and banners? :P Those were the days!

  3. Lol! Yeah, and we stand in the corridor every recess time and they play some "I Love Malaysia" song XD I can't remember the titles! "Keranamu Malaysia"?

  4. It's Keranamu, Jalur Gemilang, and another song I can't quite remember.

    Yeah, it's a little akin to youth indoctrination of patriotism. :P Do you think it works? LOL.

  5. What do you think? ;) I only remembered it was merdeka when it was almost over!

    Word: bapjpi

  6. hey jay, did u know that anwar is pushing for 16th of sept as a public holiday? thought i should let you know! x

  7. I've been following. :)
    Anwar's back in the Parliament, and hopefully he brings about some good changes (finally).