Thursday, 18 September 2008

"More Stupid" by Blogger

Here is an interesting article written by my good friend and fellow blogger. Unfortunately, her blog is set on 'Private', and you will probably be unable to view her site, so I have acquired her permission to reproduce her article on my blog.

Here is the article.


So I read in the paper today that the ISA has made two arrests recently.

A blogger that posted an article that insulted Muslims.

A news reporter who wrote about the Ahmad Ismail nonsense. (For those who don't know, Ahmad Ismail is a politician from the ruling party who made very racist remarks against the Chinese in Malaysia.)

Okay, I actually abhor politics, especially Malaysian politics. Why? Because they do stupid things like this, and many others, that make my blood boil.

Why the hell are you arresting someone for reporting on a politician that made outrageous racist remarks? Because the politician was part of the ruling party? Oh, but've suspended the why arrest the reporter?

My government makes no sense most of the time.

I mean, they upped the price of petrol, and then gave the people compensation. Therefore creating more trouble for the people at the post office, because everyone was flooding the place trying to get some money back.


They give out scholarships based mostly on race, and not results, because the Malays and Bumis should get special treatment. Therefore creating resentment amongst the Chinese and Indians, who then feel no need to come back to their own country to work, because really, what has the government done for them?

And what does the government get in return for all this? Give scholarships to the people who are less smart, and you get less smart people working in your country. And all the smart ones go somewhere else and the other places profit more.

How stupid can you be?

Don't get me wrong, if you're Malay or Bumi or whatever and are smart, then you deserved that scholarship. But giving someone who got 5As in SPM a scholarship for medicine, and forgoing the student with 11As? Just because of race?

"Don't you think it's sad that, 50 years from independence, the issue of race is still such a big deal in our country?" - Pastor

Yayy. I know I'm bitter about this. It's so unfair that some of my friends are really smart and can't afford to go overseas, and their own government can't help them. Not only that, they even get discriminated from going to local universities! How screwed up is that?

Anyway, I've gone waay off the mark. I have a very extreme dislike for my government. Not to mention my state (Sarawak) contributes so much to the economy in terms of oil (we have lots) and get hardly anything in return. The oil and revenue we give the government, and the income generated from that, is spent all on making West Malaysia better.

What do East Malaysians get in return? Shit roads and jacked up prices for simple things like newspapers because they have to send things over the sea. Our state is not as developed as the ones in West Malaysia.

I feel like such a special citizen of Malaysia.

Discriminated because of my race, and living in an underdeveloped state.


From personal experience, I can confirm that all the above are true and accurate. Original article can be found in her blog, but, again, it is set on private.

Article from: Writer, Anonymous (2008)



  1. it's just plain stupid. the ahmad dude who called chinese people squatters only got a 3 month suspension ( and i heard he's appealing for a shorter suspension which he'll most probably get) while people who wrote bout it, gets put in ISA. plain plain stupid.

  2. Well, that's what happens when there is government-sanctioned racism.

    This is the 21st century. You'd have thought Malaysia had worse problems than racism, but here you go. Legal violation of human rights.

    And not to fan the flames, but I do notice that non-privileged peoples of Malaysia tend to have better character. Food for thought.