Wednesday, 10 September 2008

2008 UAAP CDC Analysis

Before I start, note that I will try to be as fair as possible, because frankly, I do not give a crap about school politics and stupid rivalries. If you think that this post offends you and/or your alma mater, you are free to close the tab/window you are reading this from.

In my honest and true opinion, I believe that we were screwed, and we were screwed bad. The Animo Squad placed seventh out of eight squads this year, the same exact position as last year's disaster. How can it be? The dance was clean, we had some great elements, and we made very minimal mistakes. Yes, we were a new squad. But does that justify giving us low scores? I saw that the Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU, also DLSU's biggest rival) gave Animo Squad a 46/100. Forty-six? Tell me, dear judge, could you sleep well that night? If you would like to be biased and prejudiced, at least don't make it so obvious, because the next score after yours was in the 70s. 30 points' difference is an anomaly, and giving such a score is nothing less than a disgrace.

We had no illusions of winning, or even landing in the Top 3, which has been dominated by three powerhouse schools, but this year, something definitely proved that the rankings in the CDC does not anymore reflect ability, as it does reputation and/or grudges against other schools. Adamson University (AdU) performed so well this year (ask any neutral observer, and they will tell you so) that I think they deserve to be in third place. University of Santo Tomas' (UST) Salinggawi Dance Troupe performed weakly in my opinion, as compared to main rivals in the CDC, University of the Philippines Pep Squad and Far Eastern University Pep Squad. Comparing their performance this year with all other previous years, you can easily see how much weaker this year's was. They weren't as clean as last 2 years' performances, nor were there anything 'wow' about their performance. At least, I think Adamson definitely edged them out.

UP Pep Squad is by far the most amazing of the groups. Sharing the locker room with them, one can see that they are ALL amazing athletes, built like Greek statues. No kidding; their workout was once mentioned in an edition of Men's Health. Everything they did on the floor was excellent, from tosses to pyramids to transitions to their dancing. Worthy winners, and congratulations, UP Pep Squad. You are way beyond all the other school's level.

Final Rankings:
UP Pep Squad
UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe
FEU Pep Squad

I think it should be:
UP Pep Squad
FEU Pep Squad
AdU Pep Squad

But I'm no judge.

And to underline this one last time, Animo Squad was screwed this year, and you people know it. Those who watched us know it. Watch it on YouTube (I don't have any link, but if there are any videos, see for yourself) and you'll know it.

Whatever. There's one set of rules for other schools, and another set for DLSU. That's just how it goes, people. The Green and White has many haters, best you know it now.



  1. Hello Jay, stumbled on your blog via google.

    Got shocked by what the ADMU judge gave you -- that was way below what your squad deserved. I hope you'll find comfort in the fact that most feedback say that there has been a remarkable improvement in your squad, and I completely agree.


  2. Hello blue arden.

    First of all, thank you, fellow blogger, for your comment. Yes, it was indeed shocking for us (we were literally speechless in the locker room!) when we found out that we were given such a low score!

    Nice to see that my blog turns up on Google. :P I wonder what you typed? LOL.

  3. I think my search terms were "hot" "hunk" and "la salle." haha, kidding :-P

    Searched for "UAAP Cheerdance" on Google's blog search.

  4. Ah alright. :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog though, and even more thanks for taking the time to write some comments. Much appreciated.

  5. Hey Jay. I wsn't able to catch the announcement of the winners, but when I found out, I was like, what?

    I have to agree that Adamson did way better than UST. FEU's still strong, although I kinda liked their previous year better.

    and UPD? They were great. as always, but there was something missing eh. For a moment nga I thought FEU would win because I was more excited with their routine.

    As for the A-Squad getting the 7th spot, hmm, I don't know man. For such a new group, you're STRONG. I honestly thought you'd be in the upper half nga eh. School rivalry sucks. Haha. Go get them next year!

  6. Yeah, Adamson really came out fighting this year, and Ateneo still beat them in rankings! Amazingly bad judgment from the judges, but hey, what can we do right?

    UP Pep Squad came out with more difficulty this year I guess, and less with the 'OMG factor'. Their stunts left all the other schools way behind.

    Yes, school rivalry sucks very much. Why can't these judges act like how the dance community act right? In the wise words of BEP, "where is the love?" LOL.

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  8. I could have mistaken this as my own blog. We share so much of the same thought.

    In spite of also being in the squad with you, I still have a fair overview of what happened and we got screwed alright. Goes to show that CDC was worth it NOT because of the competition itself, but because of the challenges we have overcome as a team during training.

    Goodluck to you and Skittlez in your next competition in Remix '09. I know it'll be more of your style. Haha.

  9. Efer!!!

    Firstly, I didn't know you were a blogger too. Ahaha.. You never told me! I believe I've mentioned sometimes in training that I have a blog.

    I totally agree. To bring in DLSU Pep Squad, LSDC-Street and -Jazz, and also assorted dancers together to form a working squad in a few months is truly a great accomplishment.

    Glad to see you here in my blog, teammate. :)