Friday, 12 September 2008

1st Term, SY 2008-2009

What an amazing term.
I achieved quite a lot of my goals on the right-hand side of my "goals/wants" list for this year. I made varsity, by being in the Animo Squad, and I made it in the La Salle Debate Society too, which I hope to build on in the second term. Grades? Well..

Gender Studies - 2.5
Theology 2 - 3.5
Literature - 2.0
Spanish 2 - 3.0
Advanced Speech Communication - 4.0

GPA: 3.0

I made Dean's List. :P

Every term, a professor gives me a ridiculously low grade, and this term was no different (for Literature) but I was pretty fortunate that I had a +200 in class recitation points. Whew!

This term (2nd term), I'll be having five majors, in addition to Theology 3, so wish me luck on that! So far, I have a combined total readings of 120 pages. Not quite sure if I can do those by Tuesday, but hey, no pain no gain ain't it? :)



  1. so proud buddy!!

    (i've been saying this one too many times huh =P)

  2. LOL. I feel really appreciated you know. :P

  3. Cool dean's list! Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks bro. :) We should get together for lunch again soon. :P My treat this time?

  5. Dear Son,

    We are very very proud of you.

    We love you --

    MUM & ROG

  6. Thanks mum, and Sir Roge-o. :)

  7. your treat?! sure thing! *hahaha* jk. i'll just text you when I have free time. I'm currently buried in tons of workload... >_<

  8. And I'm buried in tons of papers. It will definitely be on a Friday or a Saturday ok. You're in Laguna though right? Maybe I should just go over there. :P