Sunday, 28 September 2008

LSDC-Jazz at Maximum Groovity 4

La Salle Dance Company - Jazz (LSDC-Jazz) joined their first competition in four years in the Maximum Groovity 4 dance competition. A total of sixteen schools participated. Some were good, a few should have stayed at home (no hating intended), and some were so-so.

One of my favorites, San Beda College.

LSDC-Jazz. <3

St. Luke's College of Nursing.


Our Lady Fatima College.

St. Anthony High School.

Another of my favorites, AMA University.

University of the East.

Dance League.

Ramon Magsaysay High School (eventual winners).

LSDC-Jazz, in their first competition in four years, won third place. :) I am so very proud of each and every one of you, especially my Gayle, on her first competition with LSDC-Jazz. :) You go, baby! A special congratulations to my Animo Squad teammates who also danced that night.

My angel. <3

The dancer with her friends and I.

Congratulations, Jazz!! :)



  1. =D
    thanks for watching baby. =)
    im so blessed to have my lsdc family. <3

    this is a good year for us.
    more opportunities =)
    - dance requests not only in La Salle
    - competitions
    - concerts
    weeee! =)

    im so happy and grateful to be part of the competition team.

    i wont forget the late night rehearsals, panic moments, bruises that we have gotten, wounds in our feet, and ka-chorvahans =))

    thanks to sir peter for believing and pushing us to do our best.

    i personally thank him for trusting me even if im a new member.

    i also want to thank coach mycs, kuya ugel, ate keen, uno friends, and lsdc-street for supporting us.

    btw, have i told you already that kuya jhong, one of the judges, cried after our performance? (that's what i heard ha.) grabers. even coach mycs was crying when she went backstage to meet us. we also cried because we didn't expect that our performance would turn out like that.

    im watching the video over and over again. i feel like crying. haha

  2. congratulations Gayle! and to the rest of LSDC-Jazz! woot!

  3. thanks chris! =)
    congrats din for making it to the skechers finals! we'll cheer for you =)

  4. thanks!

    we'll be cheering for LSDC-Street, that's for sure. You guys are such nice people. :)

    See you!

  5. Gayle: Baby I'm so proud of you! New member, my butt! You've been with Jazz since summer, so it's no surprise (with your abilities) that you were chosen for the competition team. I'm very proud of you.

    Chris: Thanks man. Unfortunately, I'm not LSDC. LOL. I find you guys from UP-LB to be really nice too! :)

  6. thanks baby!
    ngek =P helllloooo??
    2 terms lang yun.. i've got a long way to go pa =)

  7. But you're so good already! I want to post the video here in my blog. :P

  8. alrightie =) i'll upload it first in you tube then get the video there. =D

  9. Thankies. :) You look so beautiful. <3

  10. =D thankie!! wear your glasses more often ;p